How To Find A Girlfriend (Go From Dating Disasters To Success!) Tired of being alone and need to know how to get a girlfriend? You are in luck! This video is packed with tips on how to get a girlfriend. If you need to know how to find your soulmate then avoiding these massive mistakes is key. Once you know these how to get a girlfriend tips youโ€™ll know how to get a girl to fall in love with you, how to be attractive to women and ultimately how to get your dream girl. Sound exciting? Letโ€™s get started then with How to Find a Girlfriend (Go From Dating Disasters to Success!).

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How To Find A Girlfriend (Go From Dating Disasters To Success!)

Today’s article and video are on How to Find a Girlfriend (Go From Dating Disasters to Success.

Are you an awesome guy who just can’t figure out why you don’t have a girlfriend? You have a lot to offer and you know that you would treat her so good so why isn’t this working?

Why can’t you find her? Is that you? What if instead, you were the guy with your dream girlfriend?

What if instead of watching all of your friends like get married and move on and feeling awkward and alone what if instead, you were the guy with the girl?

Today we’re going to be going over the biggest mistakes that are keeping you from finding your ideal girlfriend. Sound good?

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of the programย How to Get a Girlfriend. My specialty is helping amazing men get the girl they’ve always wanted.

So what is the difference between an amazing guy who gets the girl and an amazing guy who doesn’t? The difference is the guy who gets the girl isn’t making these mistakes that we’re about to go over.

If you find yourself without a plus one and if you’re spending your weekends alone and feeling awkward and getting rejected then you need to make sure you’re not making these mistakes anymore.

So pay close attention and I highly recommend you read it to the end. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

Mistake 1 – Not Being Able To Read Her Signs

So the first big mistake you are making that is keeping you from finding your girlfriend is not being able to read her signs.

Now if you have been following my channel for any amount of time you know that guys I don’t teach to play mind games.

Playing mind games is a sign of a toxic woman, that’s a topic for another video, but that is never something I encourage.

So when I say reading her signs I don’t mean play her game. What I mean is this is about science.

So many guys, so many people, think that it’s the man who makes the first move. But in reality, according to science, it’s women who make the first move.

She sends the signals that she is interested in her body language and what she says and it lets him know to approach her.

This is how she gets his attention, this is how she invites him to ask her out, to get to know her better, to flirt with her.

So even though it looks like the man is doing all of the work in reality she’s been working for a long time to get him to notice her and get him to talk to her.

But here’s the important part. Again according to science women are much better at reading body language and these signs than men are.

Which means she thinks it’s obvious to you. She thinks that you are seeing these signs and reading them.

And if you don’t make a move she thinks that it’s because you don’t like her. And so then she’s hurt, she feels rejected, she feels embarrassed, and she moves on.

So often she is sending you tons of signs that she is interested in you, she wants you to ask her out, she wants to get to know you better, but you’re not making a move.

To her that says “Wow. Total rejection, I feel stupid, I feel embarrassed” and she moves on.

The truth is girls are just as afraid of rejection as you are. And so when you don’t pick up on her signs and when you’re not able to read them, not able to see them she’s done.

That right there is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to find a girlfriend is not being able to read her signs and see that she is interested.

Mistake 2 – You Never Make A Move

Mistake number two is that you never make a move.

Let’s pretend for just a second that times are different than they are in 2020 and you just got the opportunity to go on your dream vacation. Wherever it is you have ever wanted to go.ย 

You have more than enough money to cover all the expenses, you book everything, you plan out exactly where you’re going to go, and you are so excited.

Your plane is going to leave soon so you head out the door, get in the car, and you never turn the car on and you never press the gas pedal.

Are you gonna get to the airport? No. You’re never going to be able to take this incredible trip unless you turn the car on and you push the gas pedal.

Everything that you’ve spent all this time planning and scheduling is going to go to waste unless you turn that car on, pull out of the driveway, and get to the airport, right?

The same is true when it comes to dating and relationships. If you never make a move you’re never gonna get anywhere.

Now this means approaching her obviously but it also means just being proactive about finding her.

It means being proactive about being as attractive to her as you can and having the strategy you need to make dating fun and make it simple. This also means pursuing her.

As women, this is the way God made us so you can hate on it if you really want to but it’s just the way God created women, God created women to need to be pursued.

And so if you want her to see you as a man instead of a schoolboy you’re going to need to pursue her.

And honestly, the truth is don’t you just want the confidence to be able to do that? Don’t you want that to not be terrifying for you anymore?

Don’t you want to be able to have the confidence and to own your worth enough that it doesn’t terrify you to pursue her, to approach her?

The truth is if you do not pursue her and if you’re not proactive about this stuff she is going to move on and no you are not going to find a girlfriend. You’re just not.

So again mistake number two is never making a move, never pursuing, never being proactive. That right there is going to guarantee you don’t find a girlfriend.

Even if by some miracle you did it’s going to be a bad relationship because it’s not based on the foundations it needs to be a happy relationship.

Answer This For Me

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Mistake 3 – Your Approach Is Wrong

Mistake number three is that your approach is wrong. Now when I say approach I don’t just mean in how you approach her. Although that is a huge part of it.

What I mean is how you talk to her, how you interact with her, how you ask her for her number, how you text her, what you do on a date with her.

If you sawย this video (5 Signs She Wants You To Talk To Her)ย then you know that as humans we are programmed, again this is the way God made us, we are programmed to avoid pain.

If something is painful to us we will avoid it at all costs. So what worked in high school guys, it’s not gonna work anymore. It’s just not because you’re not dealing with a schoolgirl, you are dealing with a woman.

As I go through your emails, DMs, and comments the mistake I see you guys making over and over that would save you so much heartache and embarrassment is that you just aren’t interacting with her in the right way.

When you don’t interact with her in the right way she perceives it as painful. It comes across as creepy, it pushes her away, it makes her feel awkward and unsure.

And that is painful so she avoids it at all costs. Does that make sense?

So it doesn’t matter how many times you interact with her the wrong way all it’s going to do is push her away and make finding a girlfriend impossible.

That’s why in my programย How to Get a Girlfriendย I teach you how to interact with her in the right way.

The last thing you want is for her to perceive it as pain. You want it to be charming and irresistible and attractive.

Mistake 4 – Toxic Women

Mistake number four is that you are dating and flirting with and getting to know the wrong types of women.

Have you ever found yourself in a bad relationship? Or maybe bad relationships? And have you ever felt like are there any good women left? Like is the type of relationship I want even possible?

I get messages from you guys and emails from you guys saying that you kind of don’t feel like there are good women left or that you are so hurt by women and feel like maybe that’s just normal.

News flash that is not normal and it’s not okay.

Here is the mistake you are making with this so pay very close attention. Just knowing this is going to save you so much pain. You are attracting toxic women.

The fact is there are toxic women in this world. I like to call them adult bullies because that’s all they are, is adult bullies. And as long as you are attracting toxic women you will never attract good women.

And it’s not because you’re a bad person it’s just because you need the skills that are going to repel toxic women and instead attract good healthy women.

This is why one of my clients, he was actually in five failed marriages before he found my program. Five, guys. Can you imagine the pain?

He was only attracting toxic women even though he was an incredible person.

That is when he found my program and his ideal relationships opened up to him.

He went from dating disasters, or in his case marriage disasters, to success and he saw results almost instantly because he finally knew how to stop attracting the bad women and start attracting the type of woman he had been wanting all along.

So again to sum up mistake number four is that you are attracting toxic women and instead you gotta start attracting good women.

Is this making sense so far? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to share them with me there.

Mistake 5 – Confidence

We are to mistake number five. And this is that you don’t have confidence even if you think that you do.

Yes, it is possible to think you’re a confident person when in reality you are not. This is something I see all the time.

I have another client who when he came to me and when he started my program he already had so much to offer.

He had a good job, he was very physically fit, he was very physically attractive, and he had no problem attracting women. And he thought he was a very confident guy because he had so much to offer.

But he was only ever in bad relationships and they made him think it was all his fault. And he couldn’t understand why he had so much to offer and all these women noticed him but all of his relationships failed miserably.

Just when he thought he was going to be able to pop the question and give her a ring everything fell apart.

What he discovered by taking my program and what he shared with me is that he realized that he wasn’t confident. He was brave and courageous but he wasn’t confident. There’s a huge difference.

Now as he went through my program and he learned how to become confident and how to stop making the mistakes that we’ve been talking about the relationships he wanted were possible.

He finally had the road map and the strategy to get the girl he was wanting instead of ending up in all these bad dead-end relationships that just made him feel terrible.

So the truth is you can think you’re a confident person but in reality, you’re just brave or you’re just willing to put yourself out there even though it’s hard.

That is admirable and that is good but that is different than being confident.

When you are not a confident person finding the girlfriend you are wanting is not going to happen.

When instead you are a confident person you’re going to draw her to you like a magnet and your relationship is going to be happy and healthy.

So if you’re having trouble finding a girlfriend confidence is something you need to work on.

What’s Next?

Bottom line if you are struggling to find a girlfriend and if you are sick and tired of all your weekends and holidays being spent alone, and if you’re tired of rejection, awkwardness, and embarrassment be sure to check out my programย How to Get a Girlfriend.

Seriously guys I put this program together so that you don’t have to make these mistakes, so that dating doesn’t have to be hard, and so that you don’t have to be lonely anymore.

I put it together so that you can go from dating disasters and alone to in a relationship and the success you are looking for.

Like I mentioned you can get three paid lessons totally for free, no credit card required. Give it a test drive, see all the material, get a sneak peek of all the material that is in that program.

Honestly, knowledge is power but only if you act on it.

I just gave you a ton of knowledge but unless you act on it and actively stop making these mistakes it’s not going to help you any.

So check out that link right now and I will see you over there.

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