This Makes A Woman Think About You Non-Stop! Wondering how to know if she’s thinking about you? This one tip is a game changer, THIS is what makes her think about you constantly. If you’ve been crushing on a gorgeous girl and want to know how to make a woman think about you non-stop then be sure to watch to the end. Rather than just wondering how to tell if she’s thinking about you, you’ll know how to actually get her to think about you. Sound exciting? Let’s get started then with “THIS” Makes a Woman Think About YOU Non-Stop!

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This Makes A Woman Think About You Non-Stop

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video is titled this makes a woman think about you non-stop.

If you are sick of feeling rejected and being ghosted and feeling embarrassed then you need to have a good understanding of this one thing.

When you do it wrong you’re going to be rejected every single time and it’s not going to lead you to that ideal girl you are looking for.

But when you do it right it is insanely effective. This is what turns a girl’s head, this is what makes her think about you non-stop, and this is ultimately what makes her fall in love with you and stay in love with you.

Most people have been told a whole bunch of lies about this thing. I get so many questions and comments from you guys and this is the main problem.

So I wanted to devote a video to it today as it’s crazy effective in making her think about you all the time.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men. I teach you how to stop wasting time and stop wasting money on dead-end relationships by learning the skills that will get you your ideal girlfriend.

Now you may have seen this video which is “This Is What Makes A Woman Think About You Constantly”. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you give it a watch. It’s crazy good.

But if you have seen it you know that the number one thing I mention, the top thing, is that women want you to pursue them and that this increases the attraction like you would not believe.

And if you are trying to figure out how to get a girl to think about you then this is one of the main things you need to know how to do.

In addition to that if you follow me on social media and if you’re checking out my community posts here on YouTube you know that I’ve been talking about pursuing lately and how crazy effective it is in getting your ideal girlfriend.

Why Should You Pursue?

Now so many of you have been asking me “okay so how exactly do I pursue? What does it even mean to pursue and why do I even need to do that?” So that’s why I decided to make this video for you today.

I’m going to give you a really good understanding of why it’s important and help you know how to pursue the right way.

Because the truth is when you’re doing it the wrong way it’s going to fail every single time, you are going to be rejected, and it is going to feel awkward.

When you do it the right way yeah she’s going to think about you constantly, she’s going to crush on you, and ultimately that’s part of what makes her fall crazy in love with you.

Does that sound good so far? Let’s dive in and get started with why pursuing is effective and why pursuing is important.

If you’ve been following my channel for a while guys you know that I come from a Christian perspective always and I come back by science.

Because the truth is God made science. This is the way He just designed things. And the way he designed women is to need to be pursued. That is just what she needs.

Research shows that being pursued is what makes a woman feel safe and protected.

At the end of the day, I don’t care what century you’re living in, women still want that knight in shining armor. She wants you to be her superhero.

Not because she’s a damsel in distress and because she wants you to do everything but she wants you to be her prince and she wants to be your princess. That is what she is wanting.

And so if a woman does the pursuing research shows she does not feel safe. And when she doesn’t feel safe guess what she has to do to feel safe. She tends to take on more masculine roles to feel safe.

Masculinity is what makes her feel safe. And if she’s not getting that from her man she’s going to take on those more masculine roles.

Now the truth is that does not benefit her in any way. It does not make her feel good and it doesn’t benefit you in any way. Because now you don’t have a feminine woman, you have a masculine woman.

What this does is this completely throws off the relationship. This is not going to lead you to a fulfilling relationship.

I get comments all the time saying “hey we live in a modern world. Women do the chasing now.”

And the truth is yeah women do a lot of the chasing now, and the divorce rate has never been higher. Is that a coincidence? No. That is not a coincidence.

You Need To Pursue Her For You

Here’s the other thing: it’s really easy to feel like “well women just are unreasonable and expect us to pursue and expect us to do all the work.”

The truth is there’s a lot of behind the scenes things women are doing to get you to pursue and to encourage that. But that’s a whole other story.

Realistically you need to pursue her for you, not for her.

Yes obviously that helps her and it helps her think about you all the time and it helps her fall crazy in love with you. But realistically you need to pursue her for you.

Because when a man pursues a man feels more masculine. Go figure, right?

When you do not pursue, when you instead force her to pursue you, you are giving away your masculinity. You just are.

You’re not even like having someone take it from you, you are handing it over, you are giving it away. That is not going to lead to a fulfilling, happy relationship.

The truth is you deserve to feel like a man. You deserve the confidence that comes from that. And that is what is going to build a healthy and a happy, long-lasting relationship. Does that make sense?

In addition to that wouldn’t you just feel better if you could just pursue her? If it wasn’t holding you back?

Because the truth is the only thing that stops guys from pursuing is one of two things: one, fear, which is normal. But when you know how to pursue the right way, when you have that step-by-step process, it’s not scary anymore because you just know what to do.

Or two, he has tried to pursue in the past and it has failed miserably and so he’s like “hey this doesn’t work. Why in the world would I continue to put myself out there to be rejected, right?

And again that comes down to the same problem which is not knowing how to pursue the right way.

So is this making sense so far? The truth is pursuing is important on both sides. God made women need men to pursue them.

Women need it to feel safe with you, to see you as a man. And you need it to be a man and to feel masculine and to feel that confidence.

The point is you have to just learn how to pursue the right way. So I’m going to spend a minute now to just touch on some of my best tips and biggest mistakes to avoid when pursuing women.

This right here is a game-changer and is what’s going to help you understand how to pursue and be able to like make her think about you all the time and be very attracted to you. Sound good?

Tip 1 – Don’t Be An “Alpha Male”

Okay, tip number one is about advice that you need to avoid.

You guys have been done a disservice. I’m gonna be completely honest with you. You have been done a disservice.

So many coaches, so many other people out there, are telling you to “alpha up” and “man up and ask her.”

And the truth is that is a terrible strategy. It is not an effective strategy. And I’m sure if you’ve tried it you know that often that can lead you to be ghosted and it can lead you to be rejected.

Here is why: you can approach 10 women, 100 women, a million women, the wrong way, and still get turned down every single time.

And so being told “well just alpha up and do it. Just man up and do it” with no instruction as to how is going to cause you to fail every single time.

It’s kind of like a job interview. If you approach a job interview the wrong way a million times you’re never going to get the job, right?

If you try to put a round peg in a square hole you’re never going to be able to make it work.

It’s not about just “manning up and doing it.”

Yeah, you do need to man up and do it but unless you know the right way to do it it’s not going to work.

And so you’ve been done a disservice by being told “just man up and do it” and it’s leading you to rejection having no idea how to pursue the right way, how to pursue effectively, so instead of being rejected and ghosted you get that ideal girl.

You can’t just force your way through it you have to pursue the right way.

This is actually why I teach about this in my program How to Get a Girlfriend because the truth is you deserve to stop being rejected, stop being ghosted, and instead just know how to get the girl effectively.

This makes pursuing fun and exciting and positive instead of embarrassing and hurtful.

As I mentioned this is something I teach in my program How to Get a Girlfriend. Check out this link and you can get three paid lessons totally for free. No credit card required.

So take it for a test drive today. Seriously if you are sick of being rejected, if you are sick of being ghosted, then you just need to learn how to pursue the right way.

So be sure to check out that link, I am so thrilled for what you are going to learn over there.

Tip 2 – Don’t Keep Asking

Okay, tip number two is don’t just keep asking her until she says yes.

Some other really bad advice that you have been given is to “just keep asking her. She said no this time but just keep asking her. She’s probably playing hard to get, just keep asking her.

No. Stop. The truth is that’s not fair to you.

If she said no it is usually for one of two reasons. One, she’s not interested in you for whatever reason. Either she’s not interested or something’s going on in her personal life or she’s interested in someone else or whatever it is.

Or two, she’s playing games with you. And if she’s playing games with you why waste your time on her? Honestly guys why waste your time on her?

So either way, if she says no take her at her word. Do not pursue her anymore. That in and of itself is setting you up for rejection and embarrassment. And it’s hurtful to be rejected time after time after time.

So have more respect for her than to keep asking her and honestly more respect for yourself. You do not deserve to be rejected all the time and to be turned down all the time. So if she says no leave it at that.

You deserve someone excited to get to know you and who wants you to ask her out. Not someone who barely tolerates it and “okay fine. I guess I’ll go out with you.

Don’t waste your time on that girl. Find instead the girl who’s like “yes I have been waiting forever for you to ask me out. I’m so excited.

Answer This For Me

So is this making sense so far? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

If you would like more videos just like this one be sure to comment “YES!” in the comments below.

Seriously guys your comments help me so much to know what to focus on and what to do videos on.

If you want more videos like this one be sure to comment “YES!” and leave any other ideas in the comments as well.

Tip 3 – Do Make A Move

Now tip number three when it comes to pursuing is making sure that you do make a move.

Like I mentioned before you do need to make sure you’re making a move the right way. Asking her out the right way, getting her number the right way, approaching her the right way.

And those are things I do teach in my program so make sure you check out those links above and try out your free preview.

But you do have to make a move. So many guys, so many comments I get from you guys, are like “well I don’t know what to do” or “why did she reject me?” or “what’s wrong?

And the answer is simply you need to make a move.

As I mentioned before women need to be pursued. And so if you never make a move she will move on. That is reality.

She is going to think you are not interested and so she’s going to move on and she’s going to go find someone who will pursue her.

And you have to know how to pursue the right way otherwise as I mentioned earlier it won’t go well.

But you do need to make sure you are making a move, you are asking her out, you are approaching her, you are purposefully talking to her and showing her you are interested in her.

Tip 4 – Tell Her You Like Her. Later.

And we are to tip number four and guys this one is huge. Make sure you do not tell her you like her until later and until you have been on many dates with her.

This kind of started in school. Back when we were like kids and teenagers it was always “oh you like her. Go tell her you like her.” “Oh my goodness he’s crushing her. You gotta go tell her you like her.

And it’s just kind of what you do in school and it’s what we do as kids and teenagers. But it’s what you do as kids and teenagers.

She is a woman now. And she’s looking for a man.

So one mistake that a lot of guys make, thinking this is the right way to pursue, is that right away before they’ve been out much or before they’ve been out at all they tell her that they like her or ask her if she likes them.

Don’t do that. What that is going to do is that’s going to freak her out.

She’s either one going to say “whoa. He’s moving fast. He probably wants something from me.” And it kind of sets off a little alarm.

As women, we have alarms, like internal alarms, that say “whoa. This may not be a safe situation. He probably just wants something from me.

So it’s going to set off that alarm and make her go “okay I’m done. I can’t handle this.” And that is going to cause her to reject you and is going to cause her to ghost you.

Or she’s going to just see you like a schoolboy. And again you don’t want her to see you as a schoolboy you want her to see you as a man.

So what you need to do instead is you need to tell her you like her, at the appropriate time.

Because yes she does want you to tell her first. She does. And that gives her butterflies and makes her care about you even more but it has to be done at the right time.

Otherwise, it pushes her away and it does cause her to reject you because she feels awkward or she feels nervous.

This is also something I cover in my program How to Get a Girlfriend. Everything you need to know to stop wasting time and money on bad relationships and dead-end relationships and instead just get your ideal girlfriend is in that program.

Whether you have been in several bad relationships or even if you have never had a girlfriend what you need to know is in that course.

So seriously you get a free preview, a free test drive, so click here to take advantage of it right now. And as always if you have any questions about it leave me a comment and I would love to answer those questions for you.

What’s Next?

Okay, so to sum up real fast one of the best ways to make a girl think about you non-stop and to get her to think about you constantly is to pursue her.

However, if you pursue the wrong way it’s going to lead to rejection and embarrassment and ghosting.

As women, we need to be pursued and as a man, you need to pursue.

And once you know how to do it the right way you are going to be amazed at just how amazing you feel when you do pursue women and when you are successful at it.

So let’s go over real fast just to sum up our four tips. Number one: do not just “alpha up” and “just make it work” without having the strategy that works.

If you just “man up” and “alpha up” and try and force it it’s not going to work unless you’re doing it the right way which is something again I teach in my paid program.

Tip number two is to make sure you don’t just keep asking and asking and asking and asking.

That labels you as needy and creepy and frankly, it’s hurtful to you. You deserve to just have someone excited to spend time with you.

Tip number three: do not wait around. Yes, you don’t want to just “alpha up” and force your way through and try and force it to work but you also have to make sure you are making a move. Otherwise, she will move on.

And tip number four is to wait to tell her you like her or you have feelings for her until the appropriate time. Otherwise, you’re pushing her away.

When she shows signs that she’s interested in you or shows that she would like to get to know you better that’s all she’s interested in, is getting to know you better.

She’s not asking you for a lifetime commitment right now. That is going to freak her out. Instead, she just wants to get to know you better, hoping that it can move into a lifetime commitment. Does that make sense?

And there you have it, my friend. This makes women think about you non-stop: pursuing her the right way.

I want to hear from you in the comments. Any questions? Be sure to leave them there. And if you enjoyed this video and would like another one like it be sure to comment “YES!” to let me know.

If you have a friend who is struggling with this please share it with him. It would mean the world to me and I know it would help him so much.

If we’re not yet friends on social media we need to be. Check out the links for that above this article as well. Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day!

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