What Women Want In A Man – Biggest Lies Exposed! What do women really want in a man? The truth will shock you!

➡️ There are so many lies about the traits women love in a man and how to attract women. These lies rely on mind games and will only attract a toxic woman.

If you want to start attracting lasting love, you need to know what women really want and what women find attractive in men. ❤️ This is how you avoid drama and quickly discover how to be attractive to a woman instead.

Ready to learn what women find most attractive? Let’s get started with What Women Want In A Man – Biggest Lies Exposed! 🔥

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What Women Want In A Man – Biggest Lies Exposed!

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about what women want in a man – biggest lies exposed!

Be honest with me for a second. Have you ever wanted to attract a gorgeous gal?

Maybe you just met her recently, you’ve just noticed her, or you’ve never even talked to her. Or maybe, you have started dating, but you kind of feel that she’s losing interest. 🤔

No matter the scenario, is there a gal that you want to attract, you like her, you want her to like you back? Have you been there? Maybe you’re there right now?

You want her to think you’re cute and want to spend time with you, right? But how do you do that? How do you give her butterflies and make her excited to see you?

I’m going to be completely upfront with you. There are some big lies right now about how to attract women.

And these big lies ruin any chance you have of attracting a high-quality woman. It literally sabotages the relationship even before the relationship starts.

If you follow those lies, you are literally setting yourself up for heartbreak. 💔

So in this article, I’ll be exposing some of the most popular lies and sharing with you how you can instead start attracting lasting love with the girl of your dreams.

Sounds pretty exciting, right? Make sure you read until the end because I don’t want you to miss out on any of these lies. Because again, if you’re following them, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Before we dive in, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your #1 resource to learn how to attract a lasting, loving relationship with the girl of your dreams without headaches and without heartaches or mind games.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I never teach you how to attract a toxic woman, right? I never teach you relationship mind games or tricks that frankly don’t work.

Instead, I teach you how to attract a classy, high-quality woman. The kind of woman who wants to love you forever. ✅

I want you to know the honest truth, so you don’t have to get hurt. So as we dive in, I’ll mention two other videos that will also help you with this.

This video and this video will certainly help you navigate these mind games and instead understand the truth.

With that, let’s get started with lie number one about what women want in a man!

What Women Want In A Man Lie #1 – All Women Love Bad Boys

Lie number one is that all women love bad boys. That is a flat-out lie.

Have you ever heard this? This is kind of popular on the internet right now. It’s everywhere, right?

Are you ready to now hear the truth, the reality? Only toxic women are attracted to bad boys. 💡

Here’s why: Toxic women love drama, they love ego, they love working angles and playing mind games. And, so, yes, they are attracted to bad boys because, news flash, bad boys are toxic boys.

If you’re learning how to be a bad boy, you are learning toxic tactics. So it creates a drama and ego battle, and toxic women absolutely love that because they love the thrill of the mind games.

But a good woman, a classy woman, the kind of woman who wants to give her heart to you and love you forever, that kind of woman is looking for a man who she can trust.

Your dream girl wants a loyal man, a good man, a kind and chivalrous man, a moral man.

➡️ Those are the things that tell a high-quality woman, “Whoa, he’s someone I can count on, give my heart to, and know my heart is safe. I could love spending my life with him and raising children with him.

That kind of man is the kind of man a high-quality woman is looking for. Why? Because that’s a high-quality man.

This means if you’re getting your advice from people saying that “all women love bad boys,” you’re getting your advice from someone who’s teaching you how to attract toxic women and how to act toxic yourself.

That’s not what you want. It’ll sabotage your relationship dreams and keep you from the high-quality woman you want because she’s not going to waste any time on a guy who’s trying to act like a bad boy.

How Do You Attract Women Instead Of Push Them Away?

Just like you want someone who makes your heart happy and makes you feel safe and makes you feel loved, that’s what she’s looking for as well. That makes sense, right?

But by now, you might be thinking, “That makes sense. But what do I do instead? How do I attract the high-quality woman I want? If these lies are keeping me from that high-quality woman, what do I do instead?” 🤔

Is that what you’re wondering right now? Because you can’t just wing it, right? You have to know how to get the result you want, or you’re going to stay stuck, lonely, and single.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I’ve been hinting at a big secret that I have for you. And I get to tell you what that secret is right now.

Let me introduce you to and invite you to join me in Attracting Lasting Love Academy!

👉 Attracting Lasting Love Academy is the only training of its kind that shows you exactly how to attract your dream girl on the deepest level so you can hold her forever without worrying that you’ll lose her.

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to come home every night and wake up every morning next to the love of your life, knowing that she adores you too and will adore you forever?

Now you can say goodbye to mind games and toxic relationships. If you have ever wanted a lasting, loving relationship, you need to check this out because it has the answers you need.

To learn more about this, watch my all-new completely free masterclass. This free training walks you through what you’ll learn in my program, why it works, and how it works.

And I have a few special secrets for you, like how to get kisses daily from the love of your life, so it’s definitely some free training you need to watch now. ✅

Do you want to attract lasting love? Do you want kisses from the love of your life for a lifetime? You need to watch this.

Lie #2 – Make Her Chase You

Now let’s talk about lie number two for what women want in a man. This lie is that you need to make her chase you.

Be honest. Have you ever heard this one? “Make her chase you. You need to make her chase you.

Many people are telling this lie right now, and they say that it will earn you respect. But the truth is, it will do the opposite. 😬 In reality, this strategy hurts both you and her.

Let’s break it down and talk about the basics for just a moment. You are attracted to a woman because she’s feminine. That’s just how it works.

A woman is attracted to a man because he’s masculine. This is what makes us good partners and what creates that healthy attraction.

If you take away a man’s masculine role, she no longer sees you as masculine. It doesn’t help her get more respect for you. It actually causes her to lose respect for you.

She doesn’t see you anymore as this strong, confident, masculine man that she wants to spend her life with.

So giving away your masculine role of pursuing will make you feel less confident and masculine. 💡

Now, does this mean you have to chase her? Of course not.

Instead, it means the two of you pursue each other.

In a healthy relationship, you’re both pursuing each other and becoming closer as a couple. It’s two people proactively working to make the relationship closer.

You will do it in a masculine way, and she will do it in a feminine way, and that’s what makes a relationship fulfilling, exciting, beautiful, fun, loving, and lasting.

This is why pursuing the correct way and understanding how she pursues you are things I teach you in my academy. They have the power to help you create that lasting, thriving love. ⬅️

So if you want a happy, lasting relationship, don’t make her chase you. That is only something that toxic women are interested in. High-quality women will say, “Whoa, he’s weird,” and walk away.

So bottom line, the ‘make her chase you’ strategy is literally only setting you up for failure and heartache.

Lie #3 – Ignore Her

Okay, are you ready for lie number three? Lie number three for what women want in a man is to ignore her to get her attention.

Let me ask you some honest questions. 👇

Do you want a relationship where she ignores you?

Do you want a relationship where she pulls away from you?

Do you want a relationship where you feel uneasy and unloved and where she’s okay making you feel uncomfortable to get what she wants?

Is that what you’re looking for? Of course not, right? That’s a horrible relationship.

Well, guess what. Your dream girl doesn’t want a relationship like that either.

Ignoring a woman is a mind game. That’s all it is. As a matter of fact, all mind games are just a cop-out because people don’t actually know how to attract someone in a way that makes the relationship last.

➡️ Ignoring her to get her attention is a mind game, and it’s immature. So once again, this strategy will only work on toxic women. They love the drama and the ego.

And a toxic woman, when you ignore her, she says, “No! Uh-uh, I can’t have that on my record. I dump him. He doesn’t dump me.

So, yes, she’ll come back until she can dump you. It’s not an effective strategy at all.

If you ignore a high-quality woman, she goes, “Whoa, this guy’s immature. He’s needy, he’s selfish, and he’s childish,” and she walks away.

If you want to make a classy, high-quality good woman walk away from you, play a mind game with her, like ignoring her to get her attention. 💔

How To Attract Your Dream Girl On The Deepest Level

Now by now, you might be thinking, “Okay, Melannie, that also makes sense. I get it, and I understand this, but if ignoring her to get her attention, if that doesn’t work, what will?

Because often, when people try this strategy, it’s to re-attract someone or light that spark. But as I mentioned earlier, it’s a cop-out. It doesn’t actually work. Especially not long-term.

So what do you do instead? You need to understand how to attract her on the deepest level. This is what makes a woman crazy about you. 😍

Attracting women on the deepest level is what melts her heart and makes her give her heart to you and want to spend her life with you.

When you understand those secrets, that’s how you get and keep the love of your life.

And this is what I teach you all about in my new academy, Attracting Lasting Love Academy. It’s named Attracting Lasting Love for a reason.

So make sure you watch my new free masterclass to learn all about it, what these strategies are, and why they work. ✅

Thank you so much for watching, my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments.

Did any of these lies surprise you, or were you really excited to learn that any of these were lies? Tell me about it in the comments.

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Thank you so much again for watching, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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