How To Keep Her Interested 😏 3 Secrets For A Forever Relationship! If you’re looking for a lasting, loving relationship, you need to know how to keep her interested in a long-term relationship.

In this video you’ll discover 3 secrets you must know if you want a forever relationship. Whether you’re wondering how to keep her interested over text, how to keep her interested after the first date or simply how to keep her interest in general, these secrets are key. ⬅️

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with How To Keep Her Interested (3 Secrets For A Forever Relationship)! ❀️

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How To Keep Her Interested (3 Secrets For A Forever Relationship)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about how to keep her interested (3 secrets for a forever relationship)

Be honest with me. ➑️ Have you ever felt a girl you like pulling away from you?

Maybe you were texting a gal for a while, and then the texts just kind of slowed and then stopped, and she stopped replying to you.

Or maybe you go on a couple of dates, and then she says she just wants to be friends or that she just doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Maybe you think things are going great, and then all of a sudden, it’s over. Your relationships don’t last very long, and you don’t know why.

Have you been there? That’s a painful place to find yourself in. 😬

Why does this happen, and what can you do?

You want to find an amazing woman that you can have lasting love with, right? That’s the end goal. So how do you accomplish that?

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you how to keep her interested without any mind games.

There are 3 secrets so make sure you watch to the end because each secret is incredibly important. You have to make sure you’re doing all 3, okay? So stay with me to the end.

Before we dive in, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your go-to resource to learn how to attract the love of your life and have a permanent lasting relationship. βœ…

I also want to mention two other videos that will help you with this. Make sure you watchΒ this video on attraction secrets nobody tells you, andΒ this video on the biggest lies exposed what women really want.

Let’s talk about how to keep her interested. As we start this, I want to be very careful about how I present this. Keeping a woman interested is never about playing mind games. That only works in a toxic relationship.

It’s also never about pretending to be someone you aren’t or begging for someone’s attention or bending over backward to please a toxic person. All of those approaches are very unhealthy, and they never work.

Are you in a situation where your relationships never last and you can’t maintain a long-term happy relationship, you get ghosted and friend-zoned?

That’s a sign that it’s a pattern. And you need to learn how to break that pattern, or it’s just going to keep happening to you. πŸ’‘

You’ve got to do something different if you want a different result, right? That’s how life works. So let’s get started with the first thing you need to know about how to keep her interested.

#1 – She Must Feel Safe With You

The first thing is that she needs to feel safe with you.

Now, I’m going to try to explain something that doesn’t always make a lot of sense to men. And that’s perfectly okay because there are some things about men that don’t make sense to women.

πŸ‘‰ As a woman, her mindset is very different than yours. Especially when she’s meeting someone or getting to know someone new. She’s very aware of the fact that she’s not as strong as you are.

God created women with a built-in security system. Have you ever heard of women’s intuition? That’s kind of what it is.

If anything happens that might trigger that internal alarm system, she’s done. Or if anything may even come close to triggering it.

You’re probably never in a situation where you’re afraid physically to be in a room with a woman or to be with a woman.

However, as a woman, until she knows and trusts you, she’s got to protect herself. That is her first priority.

So if you find that you can’t keep her interested long-term or the relationship just never really develops, this is a key thing you need to make sure you understand how to do.

You need to make sure you learn how to make her feel safe when she’s around you. So let’s go over a few examples of some things that make a woman feel unsafe. ⬇️

The first example is rushing the relationship, moving too fast. This is why in my program, Attracting Lasting Love Academy, I teach my clients how to move with the right pacing.

If you’re telling her you have feelings for her right away, or trying to kiss her too soon, or trying to act like you’re in a relationship before she’s ready for that, that freaks her out.

That is terrifying to a woman. She feels like she doesn’t matter, that you don’t respect her, and it scares her. She’s afraid you’re going to try and take advantage of her.

Another example would be acting needy. This certainly scares women. Also, if you ask her out to the wrong types of places or in the wrong way, it comes across as awkward, creepy, or needy and that frightens her. ❌

Another example would be not understanding how to use your conversation and body language to make her feel safe.

How To Make Women Feel Safe With You

It does not matter how physically attractive you are, if she doesn’t feel safe when she’s around you, it’s not going to matter. Your relationships are going to be very short-lived.

And it’s okay if as a man that doesn’t make sense to you. This is one of the benefits of having a female coach. I can explain things to you so you can avoid making her feel unsafe.

Making her feel safe is part of what makes her fall in love with you. πŸ‘ˆ But until you understand how to do this, you’re going to struggle because most people teach and focus only on physical attraction.

And it’s frankly not enough on its own. This is why as a coach, I teach you the 5 secrets of attraction instead of just one or two.

When you understand all of them, that’s how you melt her heart and make her want a relationship with you, make her want to give her heart to you.

This strategy is why I get emails and DMs from men who have been through my program saying, “Oh my goodness, Melannie, I got my dream girl. I’m getting married!” 😍

That’s how effective it is when you understand all the secrets instead of only one or two.

To learn more about these secrets and how you can work with me so you can take the fast track to the love of your life, instead of struggling to try to figure it out on your own, make sure you watch my free masterclass.

When you are serious about attracting lasting love with your dream girl, that’s where you need to go.

Hurry though before this training is gone for good.Β Click here to check it out right now. And remember, if you want to keep her interested, you must know how to help her feel safe when she’s around you.

#2 – You Must Pursue Women Correctly

My second tip for how to keep her interested is to pursue her correctly.

If you’ve been following me here for a while, you already know that pursuing a woman correctly is one of the best ways to skyrocket her attraction for you. πŸš€

When you pursue her correctly, it’s actually one way to make her feel safer when she’s around you. It also gives you a serious confidence boost, which is something you want as well, right?

However, the important thing to remember is most people have not been taught the correct way to pursue women.

If anything, they’ve been taught how to pursue a one-night fling rather than a long-term relationship.

And what that does is freaks her out. This is part of what can scare a woman away, which certainly makes her lose interest.

Some examples of the incorrect way to pursue are telling her that you have feelings for her before you’ve dated for several months.

➑️ You should not tell her that you have feelings for her until you’re ready to be in an official relationship. And that’s around three to six months.

That is not something you should do right away. That creeps her out. She says, “Whoa, this guy’s moving way too fast. He just wants something from me.

If she’s a high-quality woman, she’s willing to invest in a relationship instead of rush it.

Another example of the wrong way to pursue is to give her gifts before you’ve even been out several times. You need to go out on a date five to six times before you start giving her gifts.

Some other examples are trying to kiss her too soon, trying to rush the relationship or force the relationship, make her go out with you, or fall in love with you whether she likes it or not. ❌

Another example would be just not pursuing. Women need to be pursued, and so just not pursuing her will cause her to lose interest incredibly fast as well.

Bottom line, when you pursue the wrong way, this scares her and creeps her out instead of increasing the attraction like you really want. It also causes your confidence to go down instead of up.

This is why pursuing is one of my favorite things to teach in Attracting Lasting Love Academy because it attracts her more and boosts your confidence.

So make sure you do understand the correct way to pursue her. That’s what sets you up for success. Like, permanent success.

When a man pursues a woman correctly, she sees you as a superhero. βœ… It’s part of what makes her feel safe with you and helps you become irresistible to her.

#3 – You Must Attract Women Emotionally

My next tip for how to keep her interested is to learn how to attract her emotionally.

I mentioned earlier that most people focus on just attracting women physically. And physical attraction is a good thing, okay? It’s definitely something you should be working on.

But it’s only one part of the equation. And if that’s all you focus on, you really are going to struggle to have a long-term relationship.

So what is emotional attraction? What does that even mean?

Emotional attraction is what shows a woman that you’re a good partner. Physical attraction turns her head, while emotional attraction melts her heart and makes her want a relationship with you. πŸ’‘

A woman can be attracted to you physically and not want a relationship with you at all.

But emotional attraction is what makes her think, “Wow, this is the kind of man that I want to spend my life with. This is the kind of man I want to fall more and more in love with each and every day.

You have to have emotional attraction if you want lasting love. This is why emotional attraction is one of the very first secrets I teach in my academy because it sets the stage for everything else.

When you know how to master emotional attraction, you can captivate your dream girl easily, melt her heart, and make her want a lifelong relationship with you. ❀️

That’s what makes her fall in love initially and helps her stay in love her whole life.

How To Keep Her Interested – Final Thoughts

If you want to know how to keep her interested and attract lasting love, you must learn how to attract her emotionally.

And again, don’t be overwhelmed by this. If you’re looking for the fast track so you can take all the guessing work out of it, that’s what I’m here for.

I’ve gone through all the work and research so that you don’t have to. You can benefit from my proven system that is already serving hundreds of men.

You can have all the answers up front and join the hundreds of other men already using my proven system to get the girl of your dreams.

To learn more about that, what that looks like, and why it works, justΒ watch my free masterclass now. βœ…

I’ve made it easy and non-stressful for you so that you can get results fast.

Let’s recap what you’ve learned about how to keep her interested.

Number one, make sure that you understand and learn how to make her feel safe with you.

When a woman feels safe with you, love can grow. If she doesn’t feel safe with you, that’s what makes her slowly ghost you or put you in the friend zone.

Tip number two is to learn how to pursue her correctly. When you understand the right way to pursue, holy moly, that is so attractive. When you don’t, you end up pushing her away and creeping her out.

➑️ So, you must understand the correct way to pursue her. That certainly keeps her interested permanently.

Tip number three is to learn how to attract her emotionally. As important as physical attraction is, you’ve got to have that emotional attraction to have her fall in love with you and stay in love with you forever.

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Thank you so much again for reading, and my amazing friend, and have an amazing day! πŸ‘‹

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