How To Make Her Think About You! (Almost Without Trying 😍) If you’ve ever really liked a girl and wanted her to like you back, you’ve probably wondered how to make her think about you non stop.

➡️ Knowing how to make a woman think about you all day can feel like a crazy code to crack. But in reality, when you understand the right things you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed to knowing how to make a girl think about you all the time very quickly.

Get ready for an exciting video! THIS is what makes her think about you constantly (almost without trying!) ✅

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How To Make Her Think About You!

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about how to make her think about you almost without trying.

Okay, be real with me for a minute… 👇

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to know that cute gal you can’t stop thinking about is thinking about you all the time?

That would feel amazing, right? It would be so exciting. That is certainly something you want in a relationship, am I right? Well, you are in the right place.

In this article, you’ll discover how to make her think about you almost without trying. ✅ And the best part is it has nothing to do with mind games, because spoiler, they don’t work.

Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it, so make sure you stay with me and read to the very end.

Before we dive in, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your go-to place to know how to attract a lasting, loving relationship with a woman who loves the real you and wants to spend her life loving you. ❤️

All right, are you ready to learn how to make a woman think about you almost without trying? I’ve got some serious secrets for you.

When a girl has feelings for you, when she’s attracted to you, especially when she’s in love with you, she’s going to think about you all the time. She just is because you light her heart on fire.

So really, the end goal here is to get her to fall in love with you. That’s how you get a lasting, loving relationship, right?

How To Make Women Think About You – The Big Secret

So how do you get her to fall in love with you? This part’s cool. Are you ready?

➡️ The secret is for it to become a habit.

Habits are the way you make anything in life simple. Think for a minute about the last time you brushed your teeth. Was that super hard? Was it something you had to really think about?

No, it’s automatic and easy, right? Because it’s a habit. Same thing with driving your car. Anything in life that you want to become effortless, you simply have to turn into a habit.

That makes sense, right? The same is true with being an attractive person, with being the guy who melts her heart, who makes her think about you all the time, and makes her want to spend her life loving you.

When you know the correct habits to do this, you don’t even really have to think about it anymore. You just keep up those good habits. 💡

As a coach, this is exactly what I created my academy, Attracting Lasting Love Academy, to teach my clients how to do.

I’m going to be sharing with you 3 of the most important habits that make you play in her mind all the time and make her want to spend every moment thinking about or spending time with you.

As we dive into this, I’m going to mention it one more time because it is so important. This has nothing to do with playing mind games.

A lot of people try to play mind games to get her thinking about you. But the truth is, mind games don’t work long term. ❌ As a matter of fact, they don’t work at all when you’re talking about a high-quality woman.

The kind of woman who respects you, she expects respect from you as well. And if you play mind games with her, she’s done.

When you’re taking advice from anywhere, ask yourself what kind of relationship that advice will help you get. And only listen to the advice that helps you get the relationship you want.

This is why mind games don’t work unless you’re looking for a very short-term and painful relationship.

👉 So, let’s move forward with healthy habits instead. I have two other videos on this that you’re going to love. They’ll help you so much as well.

If you haven’t yet seen this one on how to make her fall in love with you and this one on how to be a sexy man, be sure to check them out.

How To Make Her Think About You #1 – Treat Others With Respect

Okay, let’s dive into the three habits you need to make her think about you almost without trying.

Number one is she needs to see that you treat people with respect. And this certainly needs to be a habit. ✔️

At the end of the day, what a good, high-quality woman is looking for is a man she can spend her whole life with. A man who she can be in love with forever. Someone she feels safe with, someone she can trust and rely on.

And a man who is respectful to other people, her and everybody else, that’s the kind of man that she can respect. And you can only love someone if you actually respect them.

Now several things come into play to turn this into a habit.

For instance, some of the things I teach my clients in my academy are having a good attitude, having good social skills, small talk, and body language.

➡️ It also includes being assertive and mature. High-quality women don’t want to talk to immature men. It becomes awkward to her.

These simple habits are the things that show her you’re a respectful and attractive person.

That’s the kind of man that steals a woman’s heart and makes her think about you all the time because you’re the kind of man she could see herself spending her life with.

This also helps you stand out because you’re the exception, you’re the one who’s willing to develop those habits that make you a good partner.

#2 – Flirting Without Being Creepy

Next up for how to make her think about you almost without trying is flirting without being creepy.

Let’s be real: Flirting is fun. It keeps the spark alive, makes the relationship exciting, and helps you both feel more attractive and attracted to each other.

All good relationships have some flirting involved. And it’s certainly one of the things that make you play on repeat in her mind.

Now, as I said, you must know how to flirt without being creepy. So naturally, the question is, “What makes it creepy?

Being needy, being aggressive, or frankly, just guessing what works. All of those things make you creepy to her. 😬 It actually scares her when you act that way.

Most people just rely on what they learned in high school or what they picked up on TV and try to pull that off as good flirting.

However, it doesn’t work. If you’re sitting there reading this article right now and you’re not pleased with where you’re at in your love life, this is one of your big problems.

This means you must learn how to flirt correctly, or you’re going to continue to feel frustrated and confused.

👉 On the other hand, when you learn the correct way to flirt without being creepy, holy moly, relationships become really fun! And the truth is, you deserve that.

So the natural next question is, how do you learn how to flirt correctly and turn all of these attractive habits into habits you personally have.

This is exactly what I am here to help you with and why I created Attracting Lasting Love Academy. It’s all about everything you’re learning and how to turn those things into habits fast and easy.

The truth is, these are not difficult things to learn. You just need a guide, and that’s what I’m here to help you with.

To learn more and find out how you can get started today, make sure you watch my free masterclass. ✅ This is where you’ll learn more about what I teach, why it works, and what makes it so effective.

When you’re ready to finally stop being alone and frustrated and start attracting the relationship you’ve always always wanted, my program is where you need to go. Start today by watching my free masterclass.

#3 – Be Mature About Relationships

The next secret for how to make her think about you is you need to show her that you’re a gentleman and you’re mature about relationships.

These are some of the things that women look for in relationships the very most. Even far more than physical attraction. 💡 If you have this key, you’re golden.

So what does it mean to show her you’re mature in relationships, to show her you’re a gentleman?

It certainly means absolutely no mind games. High-quality women do not have time for that and will not tolerate it.

It also means understanding relationship basics like knowing how to pursue her correctly, how to move the relationship with the right pacing, and how to communicate with her.

➡️ A man who is humble, gentle, kind, and respectful, that’s the kind of man that steals her heart.

As a matter of fact, stop right now and think about it for a minute. Do you want to find, date, and eventually marry a woman who’s kind, gentle, loving, happy, positive, and who makes you feel amazing?

Seriously, is that the kind of woman you want? You want someone with who you can feel safe and feel like you. That’s what you want.

Well, the truth is, she does as well. And you have to know how to show her you’re that kind of man. Because when you do, that’s when she knows that you’re her dream man.

Isn’t that exciting to be able to show the woman of your dreams, the woman you’ve been waiting for forever, that you’re the man she’s been waiting for forever? 😍

That’s where your dream, your ideal, relationship happens. This means you have to understand what a healthy relationship even means. And you need to understand how to create that with her.

The truth is, no one wants to make a bad bet, especially in a relationship. They don’t want to play with their heart.

So if it looks like maybe you don’t understand how to have a mature relationship, she’s going to go find somebody else who does.

But when you’re the one who shows you totally get it, and you’re a boss at this, that’s when she says to herself, “Yes, this is the relationship for me.” 🔥

This is why I love sharing these secrets with my clients in my academy and why they can see results so quickly as they apply what they learn there.

How To Make Her Think About You – Final Thoughts

Congratulations, my friend! You have just learned some of the biggest secrets to not only making her think about you all the time but also making her fall in love with you.

Take a second to take that in. That’s really exciting, huh?

Here’s my question for you: Do you want my help to learn how to turn everything we talked about into habits quickly and easily so you can show your dream girl that you’re her dream man?

Would you like my help with that? If the answer is yes, Attracting Lasting Love Academy is for you. ✅ Learn how you can get started today by watching my free masterclass now.

Do yourself a favor and avoid future headaches and frustration by learning now what works, so you can be the one holding the love of your life.

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments.

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Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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