How High Value Men Talk To Women (Women Will LOVE You 😍) Knowing how to talk to girls and make her want to spend more time with you is important if you want a loving relationship.

Becoming a high value man is the ultimate way to attract high value women. It can feel intimidating to know how to attract girls but it’s actually very simple.

Talking to women really comes down to a few simple secrets. Secrets that I’m about to reveal to you now! Are you ready? Let’s dive in to How High Value Men Talk To Women (Women Will LOVE You)!

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How High Value Men Talk To Women (Transcript)

This is how high value men talk to women. Like, women will love you as you master these secrets. Have you ever wondered why some men can have beautiful women hanging on their every word while other men can’t even really get her to notice them? If you’re the one who can’t get girls to even notice you, it’s agonizing, right?

There are some secrets about talking to women that you can learn, so you can captivate her and give her those butterflies and enchant her as she looks deeply into your eyes and longs to be with you more and more.Β 

Does that sound like something you would like to know? Well, good news, you’re in the right place. And make sure you watch to the end, because the last one is probably going to surprise you.

Let’s get started with the first way to talk to women that will make them just love you.

How High Value Men Talk To Women #1

Number one is to talk with confidence. Do you want her to love you? Then talk with confidence.Β 

Now, talking with confidence is really a two-part thing. What I teach my clients in my Academy is how to talk with confidence, how to know exactly what to say, and how to be comfortable and fun and exciting to talk to you.

The second way is to be confident in who you are. Because when you’re a confident person, that shines out, that’s something she can see and it is nothing short of sexy.Β 

So when you are confident in talking to her, you know what to say, how to make her feel comfortable, how to really connect with her, and you create those confidence boosting habits that make you feel really good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin, those two things together, oh, that’s really attractive. It helps foresee you as masculine and capable and ridiculously enchanting.Β 

Confidence is always irresistible and it makes you feel better, so it’s always a win win.Β 

How High Value Men Talk To Women #2

Okay, the second thing you need to know about how high value men talk to women to really make them fall in love with you is to talk like you’re interested in her.

Let me ask you a question. Does it make you feel good when a girl lets you know she’s interested in you? When you know that she’s attracted to you, that she likes you, that she’s interested, that gives you those butterflies, right? It makes you like her even more, it makes you want to spend time with her even more, and certainly makes you more attracted to her.

Well, the same is true for women. When you appropriately express interest in her and let her know that you’re interested, that right there is captivating, it’s enchanting, it’s irresistible, it is so attractive. It gives her those butterflies and that rush and helps her want to be with you more and more.

This is why understanding how to pursue and how to flirt is so ridiculously helpful. By the way, if you haven’t yet seenΒ this video on flirtintg, make sure you check that one out.

Some people feel like they have to pull back or play hard to get or pretend they’re not interested. The truth is that is a really good way to bore her, okay? Unless she’s a drama queen, that is a really good way for her to say, “well, if he’s not interested, I’m gonna find someone who is.”Β 

However, the guy who is confident enough to show interest, oh, that’s really attractive. Because in a healthy relationship, she’s showing interest, you are showing interest, everybody’s happy.Β 

Now speaking of healthy relationships, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy. Here, with me, you will only ever learn science-based strategies instead of mind games and tricks that don’t work.Β 

So if you are sick of strategies that are leading you to fake, toxic, exhausting relationships, and you’re ready for the real love, the kind that you cannot wait to see her at night and you can’t wait to see her when you wake up in the morning, if that’s the kind of love you’re looking for, yeah, you need to stick around.Β 

How High Value Men Talk To Women #3

The next thing you need to know about how high value men talk to women is that high value men are encouraging. Nobody wants to be around someone who pulls us down, right? It just makes us feel awful.Β 

However, when you have that special someone who makes you feel like you can do anything, who makes you feel less self-conscious, who makes you feel like maybe you’re important too, when you find someone like that, you become kind of addicted to them, you wanna spend more and more time around them, you want to get to know them more and more, she wants to get closer and closer to you.Β 

Just like if there’s a girl you know who’s really encouraging, you’re gonna wanna spend more time with her, right?

It’s like I say in my Academy, you’ve probably heard me say it here a million times as well, people like people who make them feel good, okay? It’s as simple as that. That’s really all attraction comes down to. People like people who make them feel good.

So when you are someone who’s encouraging and uplifting and building, to her, yes, but even to other people as well, if that just becomes a part of who you are because you make it a habit, that, my friend, makes you exceptional because this is something a lot of people don’t do, so it helps you stand out from the crowd.

It actually gives you, like, those good endorphin boosts and helps you be a happier person and certainly makes you stand outta the crowd, makes her want to be with you. This is actually one of the most important traits a woman is looking for in a long-term relationship. So if you don’t want flings and you are looking for real love, if you’re tired of the fake love, then this is definitely something to pay attention to.

You’ve Been Taught How To Attract Toxic Women…

And speaking of the things women look for in a long-term relationship, are you ever curious about what that is? Because let me just say, you’re told a whole bunch of lies about that, okay? It’s kind of really hard for me sometimes to hear the things you’re being told because the truth is it’s not true.

Most people are teaching you what women who are only interested in short term flings want, rather than women who want to absolutely adore you for the rest of of their lives.Β 

So if you’re looking for that tender, sensitive close love, if that’s what you want, my Academy was designed exactly for you so that you can take the fast track so you don’t have to be confused by all of the lies and fake strategies out there so you can just finally get to the part where you can look in deeply into her beautiful eyes and know she loves you forever and she always will, and she loves the real you.Β 

Is that something you’re interested in? If it is, watch my free masterclass now to learn more about these strategies and how you can join me in my Academy if that’s something you decide you’d like to do. All you have to do isΒ go toΒ 

This is for any man who is tired of coming home to an empty house, who’s tired of getting your hopes up only to have them crushed again, any man who’s tired of spending holidays alone and ready to just have the answers up front. You don’t have to figure it out on your own, my friend. I’ve done the work for you so that it’s super, super simple. So just watch that free training to learn how to get started.

How High Value Men Talk To Women #4

Okay, the next thing you need to know about how high value men talk to women, something that will make women love you, is to talk intelligently. Let me explain this one a little bit. I think this kind of started back in school where the person who could do the dumbest thing or who could say the stupidest thing or who could talk the most trashy was the coolest. I don’t really understand that, but that’s kind of the mindset there.Β 

And sometimes as we grow up, we don’t grow out of some of those things. And so when she’s a grown woman who, she’s wondering if you’re going to be a good father to her children, a good husband, someone she would want to talk to every day, someone she wants to spend time with all the time.Β 

If she’s thinking about these things, she wants to know if you are going to be able to talk intelligently or super, super silly and dumbed down. A lot of people sincerely are just trying to be playful, silly, or fun, but all they do is just throw out immature jokes all the time or inappropriate language.Β 

And there’s nothing intelligent about that. Ouch. I know, I’m sorry. A little bit of tough love. There just, it doesn’t stimulate her in any way. It becomes a little bit exhausting. Have you ever been around someone where it’s like courtesy laugh, courtesy laugh, courtesy laugh? It just gets really, really exhausting.Β 

Now, that does not mean you should not be playful. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fun. It just means make sure that there’s some substance to your conversation, that you speak intelligently. Now, that doesn’t mean you, you know, get super boring and posh and, “oh, we only talk about the dictionary,” or whatever it is. Instead, it just means that you have a little bit of depth to your conversation rather than surface level jokes or even inappropriate language.Β 

So keep what you talk about intelligent instead of super dumbed down. This is not high school. She is not a high school girl. She’s a woman who’s longing for a man, someone she can connect with, someone she can talk about things with, someone she can confide in and who will confide in her, someone that she can work through problems with.Β 

So it’s not a complicated thing, it just means allow yourself to mature past the silly jokes and/or inappropriate language. The truth is, you will get a boost of confidence as you let yourself grow past that and let some of that silliness go.Β 

How High Value Men Talk To Women #5

And this actually leads us right into the next thing you need to know about how high value men talk to women. Remember the whole definition of someone who is high value is someone who has a lot to offer. The whole key- I’m about to spill the beans. Are you ready? I’m giving you the whole secret right here, right now. Buckle in. Here it comes.Β 

The key to attracting a woman who is high value is to be high value yourself.

It is literally that simple. It’s not about settling. It is never about settling. Instead, it’s about fulfilling her needs the way you want her to fulfill your needs. That’s what makes a happy relationship, two people fulfilling each other’s needs. It’s literally that simple.Β 

That is exactly what my Academy is all about. It’s that simple and ridiculously powerful. That’s why men come to me with completely lost hopes about relationships, and then they email me they’re getting married. That’s how powerful this is.Β 

So as a high value man, one of the things you do to completely captivate high value women is to have interesting things to talk about.

And this is especially helpful if maybe you’ve always relied on those flashy jokes or inappropriate language, you know, the *drum sting* type of a situation. If any of that is you, then this is actually your key to getting past that, finding interesting things to talk about.Β 

So many people are obsessed with being mysterious. Ooh, so mysterious. The truth is, it’s not really mystery we’re attracted to as much as it is people who are interesting, someone who is stimulating, someone who’s intriguing. And so the more you add to who you are as a person, the more interesting you will be.Β 

Now that doesn’t mean you go out and you sign up for all these classes and do way too much that takes up too much of your time.

Instead, it means you just have things that you are learning, ways that you are improving, things you are interested in and involved in. And as you make that a priority, even just a little bit each week is going to stimulate you, make you feel better, and it’s also going to make you incredibly attractive.

So then when you’re talking with that beautiful gal, you’re going to have tons of things to talk about. You’re going to be very interesting to her, and that’s kind of addicting to people. We want to talk to interesting people more and more and more. We can’t get enough of them because it never gets boring. Which makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?Β 

How High Value Men Talk To Women #6

Okay, next up for how high value men talk to women is to talk to her respectfully. So much of society right now is moving in a direction of become more hard and more cold before they can become more hard and more cold. We’re really just kind of moving in the direction of cold.Β 

And that’s not a fulfilling relationship at all. So many people are like, “well, you be dominant before they can be” or “you pull away before they can,” or “you ignore them before they can.”Β 

And the truth is that is an exhausting cycle. And the only people that’s actually going to attract is going to be toxic people, fake people, drama queens. Do you want a drama queen? If you do, this channel’s really not for you.Β 

But if you want warm, tender, close love, the kind where she knows everything about you and you know everything about her, and you absolutely adore each other. The kind of love where you’re in your nineties and you still get butterflies. Yes, my friend, that kind of love is very real. But you can’t use fake, cold, empty strategies to get it.

So a lot of people are claiming that the way you gain respect is to be more distant, to be more cold, to be more dominant. And the truth is that will never win you respect, okay? Point blank. I don’t know who made that up, but that’s not how life works.Β 

Instead, the way we earn respect from someone is by being a respectful person and a confident, assertive person. So if you want to just charm her, if you want to give her those butterflies, if you want her too long to be in your arms and to be with you, treat her with respect. Talk to her respectfully.Β 

And not just her. Because if you only do it with her, then it’s really not who you are. It’s just something you do to get the girl.Β 

But if you talk to everyone respectfully, holy cow, you are a high value man, and you’re an exceptional man. You’re the kind of man that women dream of being with, unless, of course, again, she’s a drama queen, but we’ve already decided that’s not what you’re looking for, right?

You would be surprised at how important this actually is to good women. The power in this simple little thing is absolutely jaw dropping. You want her to love you? You want her to long to be with you? Make sure that you talk respectfully.Β 

How High Value Men Talk To Women – Recap

So we’ve been talking a lot about a high value man and what that means. At this point, you might be wondering though, “okay, where in the world do I find the high value women?” Is that what you’re thinking? Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m tired, Melannie, of attracting the fake women, the drama queens, the toxic women.”Β 

Is that you? Oh my goodness, I totally get it because you deserve to be free from those fake relationships and have that closeness and that tenderness and that excitement and joy of a fulfilling relationship.

So it’s like I said earlier. If you want to attract those high quality, high value women, there are certain secrets so that you understand what her needs are, and then you can fulfill those needs. And that’s exactly what I teach my clients in my Academy.Β 

If you would like to learn more about that, some of these secrets, what they are, how you can get started, if you’d like to join me, go toΒ

You’re gonna learn a whole bunch of stuff for free, and then you’re also going to learn how you can join me.

This is for any man who wants that high value, close, tender relationship. So if that’s you, if you’re like, “yeah, that’s what I want,” okay, then it’s for you. So make sure you watch it.Β 

How High Value Men Talk To Women – Your Next Steps

Should we recap how to talk to women as a high value man? You ready? Let’s do it. Number one is to talk with confidence. Now, this means to be good at small talk, good at conversation, good at making her feel comfortable, but also to be a confident man and create those confident habits that make you feel good about yourself.Β 

Number two is to talk to her like you’re interested. Just like it gives you a rush and gives you butterflies and makes you feel good when she’s interested in you, it makes her feel amazing when you express that interest in her. Women have to be pursued. That ignites the fire of attraction like you would not believe. So don’t treat that one lightly.Β 

Next up, make sure that you are encouraging to her, to other people. We love to be with people who make us feel like we can do anything and like someone’s got our back.Β 

Also, make sure that you talk intelligently rather than just cheap jokes or trashy jokes. Instead, you talk intelligent. You can have those deeper conversations. You can really connect with her. It takes being a little bit vulnerable, or at least it might feel a little bit vulnerable, but in the end, it’s gonna boost your confidence and make her long to be with you more.Β 

Also, make sure that you are an interesting man to talk to. We are addicted to people who are interesting. We love to be with people who are interesting. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time out of your week, but it’s going to enhance who you are and therefore make you so much more irresistible.Β 

And make sure that you talk respectfully to her and to other people. That shows that you’re an exceptional person and someone she can trust. It also makes her feel so much more comfortable around you and makes her long to be with you.Β 

Thank you so much for joining me, my amazing friend. I wanna hear from you in the comments. Would you like more videos like this one? If you would, comment “talking.” And if you have a friend who needs to know these secrets too, make sure you share it with him.Β 

If you don’t yet, call me on social media, there are links in the description below. Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day.

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