Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This! (5 Ways!) ๐Ÿ˜ Been wondering how to get out of the friend zone? Get ready to have your mind blown! Escaping the friend zone can be tricky if youโ€™re not in on these secrets.

By the end of this video youโ€™ll know how to attract a girl in a way that makes her want to be more than friends. Youโ€™ll know things many men donโ€™t know about having success with women and how to get out of the friend zone with a pretty girl forever.

Ready for these exciting secrets? Letโ€™s dive in!

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Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This!

Bust out of the friend zone like this. We’re talking about five pretty simple ways to bust out of the friend zone forever. So if there’s that really special gal, you know who I’m talking about, right? She gives you those butterflies and makes you feel alive, and you are totally stuck in the friend zone with this gal, then this video was made for you.

I think you’re going to be surprised by how simple these things are. When it comes to the friend zone, and escaping the friend zone, avoiding it forever, you need to understand kind of why you get stuck in the friend zone in the first place.ย 

There are two main reasons. One is that that attraction, that spark of attraction, isn’t quite there. Not because you’re not an attractive person, but because you don’t know how to create that spark and use it. And don’t worry, we’re gonna be going over that.ย 

And the second reason is that there’s a really good chance that she has been interested in the past or potentially is interested now, but thinks you are not interested in her. And so the natural thing to do is friend zone. And we will be going over what to do with that as well, so get excited.ย 

Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This #1

Let’s start with the first way to bust out of the friend zone and escape it forever. Number one is to flirt instead of just compliment her. Now let me explain what that means.ย 

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute. I thought complimenting was part of flirting.” And it absolutely is. If you haven’t yet seenย this video, make sure you watch that one as well.ย 

Yes, complimenting is definitely part of flirting. However, the way you compliment her certainly matters. For instance, if someone just says, “Hey, you’re a really good cook,” okay, that’s a compliment that literally anyone, her grandma could tell her that. It in no way expresses interest.ย 

When you’re interested in someone, you want to compliment and flirt in ways that specifically lets her know that you’re interested in her. For instance, let’s pretend you’re texting each other and she says something like, “oh, hey, I just got a haircut.” A flirtatious reply would be, “oh, I noticed. *wink*.”ย 

Something like that just is like, okay, that’s flirting, that’s interest, that’s expressing attraction. Make sense? The whole point of flirting is to express interest and to be a little bit playful in nature.ย 

Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This #2

Okay, the second way to bust out of the friend zone is to dress to attract her. As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, the whole goal here is to ignite that attraction and really make her go, “wait, shut up. He’s like, he’s really hot. Why are we just friends? I want to be more than friends.”ย 

That’s the whole goal here, right? And the way we dress, the way we present ourselves, has the power to quickly transform the way she sees you. And honestly, the way you see yourself.ย 

So many people think they’re not attractive people when in reality they just don’t know how to dress to be attractive. They don’t know how to rock what they’ve got.ย 

Again, this is something I talk about in a different video and in my Academy. Rock what you’ve got, my friend. Show her the attractive man you are.ย 

Now, some of the simple ways I teach you how to absolutely turbocharge your physical attraction in my Academy are things like making sure you have a really modern haircut.ย 

It’s really easy to just kind of have the same haircut you always had, you know, since high school. No, no, no, no, no. You want to make sure your haircut is really nice and modern. And it’s a good idea to talk to your hairstylist and say, “Hey, what looks best on my face shape?”ย 

You also want to make sure that your personal style is masculine, it is modern, and the clothes you are buying fit you really well. A lot of people think, “oh, my clothes just look silly on me,” when in reality it’s just that you need the right fit.

Also, making sure you have those really nice shoes. And, okay, you ready for a really good tip? This one’s good. Make sure you’re also wearing cologne when you’re around her.ย 

There’s so much research that has shown women are ridiculously attracted to men who smell good. And sometimes when you’re in the friend zone, you’re just friends, it can be easy to not go to that extra effort to really try to attract her. So make sure your style is on point and make sure that you’re doing those little touches, like a little bit of cologne. That can give her those butterflies.ย 

Here’s the cool part. If you’re in the friend zone right now, doing a little updating to your personal style, to your wardrobe, to your facial hair, your haircut, a little bit of updating is a fabulous way for her to see you a little bit differently, for her to go, “whoa. Wow. I, I, I, he’s, he’s hot. Why are we just friends?” So if you’re wanting to get her attention, this is a fabulous way to do it.ย 

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Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This #3

Okay, are you ready for the next way to bust out of the friend zone? Number three is to practice masculine body language. Often the guys who find themselves friend zoned over and over and over again have very timid, submissive body language. And that doesn’t attract a woman very easily.ย 

She wants to see you as strong and masculine and capable and confident. Your whole goal here is to make her see you in that light, for her to see you as that strong, masculine, confident man.ย 

This is what gets her attention and makes her see you in a new light and question why in the world you’re just friends? Because she’s starting to see you as someone she would want to be more with.

I teach you all about masculine and confident body language in my Academy. And the reason why is it accomplishes a couple of things. One, it makes her see you totally differently. Yeah, I don’t know how to explain how attractive it is, okay? Can I just express that? As a woman, it’s very, very attractive. Just the simple act of your body language is like, “holy cow.”ย 

The other thing it accomplishes is research shows us that it actually changes how you feel and helps you feel so much more confident and masculine as well, which in turn is only going to help you more. So it’s really a win-win situation.

Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This #4

Okay, the next way to escape the friend zone forever is to consider hinting that you’d like to date her. Now, why in the world would you hint instead of just come out and say it? Because the truth is you could just come out and say it. We’ll talk about that in a minute.ย 

However, sometimes, especially if you really can’t tell how she feels about you, sometimes it’s better to save face for both of you and save some embarrassment. Especially because if you just spring it on her and surprise her with the fact that you have feelings for her, that could make things really awkward, even if there’s a huge potential for her to develop feelings for you if she hasn’t yet.ย 

So rather than just surprising her with this, sometimes it’s a good idea to test the water, so to speak, and let her get used to the idea and find out if she has feelings for you too.

What does this look like? How would you do this? A couple of examples are, you could say something like, “I’d totally date you if I thought you were interested in me,” or “I’d call this a date right now if I actually thought you would date me.” Something like that. It’s a way to keep it kind of casual, a little bit playful, kind of like a little bit of a joke, but then notice how she responds.ย 

If she doesn’t respond well, now you know, and you can stop wasting your time. Or if she responds really well, then celebrate it and it’s a good sign to take it to the next level, to make a move.ย 

Bust Out Of The Friend Zone Like This #5

Okay, the next way to escape the friend zone has to do with what we talked about at the beginning of this video, which is that often the reason you’re in the friend zone is because she thinks you’re not interested in her either, and that causes her to just accept the friend zone herself and move on.

And that’s not what you want. That’s not good for either of you, right? Showing interest in her, flirting with her, asking her on a date instead of just hanging out. These are fabulous ways to make a move, to start pursuing her, which, one, increases the attraction even more, and two, helps break the ice and helps you both go, “wait a minute, wait. We both wanna be more than friends? Holy cow, this is amazing.”ย 

Now, you may want to outright tell her that you’re crushing on her, that you have feelings for her. I personally would not suggest this unless you are really good friends, have been really good friends for a while, and/or you are seeing legitimate signs that she’s attracted to you too, that she’s interested in being more than friends as well.

Just coming clean like that helps you be able to both move on and start dating. And how exciting is that?ย 

Recap And Your Next Steps!

Okay, let’s recap what you have learned so far about how to escape the friend zone. You ready?ย 

Number one is to flirt with her instead of relying just on compliments. Anyone can give a nice compliment, but flirting specifically expresses interest.

Number two is dress to attract her. Often, when we’re really good friends, we don’t really put a lot of thought into how we present ourselves and how we look. Instead, you wanna make sure that you are purposefully dressing to attract her. This is something that both people should be doing for the entire relationship, so there’s no harm in getting started now. It’s only going to make it more fun.ย 

Number three is to practice masculine body language. This does a couple things. One, it skyrockets her attraction for you, and it also helps you feel and act more confident and masculine and strong.ย 

Number four, consider hinting that you would date her. This is a good way to test the water, so to speak, to see how she would feel about it while saving face so it doesn’t get awkward.

Number five is to make a move. At some point, as scary as it feels, you’re going to have to just take a risk, or you’re going to have to wonder forever. So whether it’s flirting a little bit, asking her out, telling her you have feelings for her, whatever it is, at some point, making a move really sets you free. And when she has those same feelings you do, that’s when you get to step into that exciting chapter where you go from just friends to something more.ย 

Now that you have a great headstart for how to get out of the friend zone, let’s take it to the next level. It’s time for you, my friend, to discover how to make her fall passionately in love with the real you.

That’s a pretty exciting thought, isn’t it? Go toย CoachMelannie.com/Masterclassย to watch that free training and discover those secrets about women that most men will never know.ย 

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I wanna hear from you in the comments. Would you like more videos like this one? Comment “friends” if you want more on the friend zone. Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day.

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