5 Non-Creepy Ways To Show Interest In A Girl! 😉 (Women WANT You To Do These!) Have you ever wondered how to show interest in a girl? Knowing how to pursue a girl without being creepy sets you free and helps you create confidence while building your love.

We’re going to cover some easy ways to start flirting and how to attract women deeply~ Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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5 Non-Creepy Ways To Show Interest In A Girl! (Transcript)

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There’s nothing worse than crushing on a girl and having something go terribly wrong, and then she thinks you’re creepy. Has that ever happened to you? It’s heartbreaking. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. In this video, we’re going to be going over five non creepy ways to show you’re interested in her.

Do you want to fan the flame of attraction and become irresistible to her? Then keep watching. I think tip number four is… probably my favorite. Maybe. And let’s actually start how to show interest without being creepy with a bonus tip. Can I do that? Can I share a bonus tip with you? You want to start by being able to tell when she’s attracted to you without even talking to her.

It’s like I explained to my clients in my academy, when you already know she’s attracted to you, it’s going to affect your approach, right? You’re going to feel a lot more relaxed and excited and optimistic. It’s also definitely going to affect how she responds. So being able to tell that she’s interested in you before you ever make a move that way is a game changer.

If you haven’t yet seen this video, I will put a link in the description below. You’re going to learn some of the best ways to know she’s interested in that video. So check it out.

5 Non-Creepy Ways To Show Interest In A Girl #1

And let’s get started with the first way to show interest in a girl that is not creepy, but is actually something she wants you to do.

Number one is to actually talk to her. And I mean, actually talk to her. Spend some time talking to her, listening to her, having some fun and casual conversations. When you get a chance to see her, take some time to talk to her. Or if you just met, don’t immediately ask for her number. Take some time to talk to her.

When someone talks to us, especially when they’re listening and paying attention to what we have to say, it shows that we’re an interesting person and that what we have to say matters to them. It’s a great way to show that you’re interested in a way that’s not creepy at all. Now, women tend to bond through talking, so it’s going to be a big deal to her.

It certainly helps her want to be around you more and more. It makes her feel good when she’s around you and that certainly does not hurt, does it? The whole goal is for her to really like being around you, right? P.S. If you haven’t yet, subscribe and ring that notification bell. My name is Melannie.

I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Less love academy. If you are looking for a relationship without mind games and without drama, someone who’s loving and tender and feminine and who wants to stay by your side forever, like you are the only man in her life for the rest of her life, is that what you want?

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Secret #2

Okay, the next way to show interest without being creepy might sound a little funny at first. So let me explain. Don’t wait too long to ask her out.

Now this goes for texting as well as in person. The last thing you want is for her to start questioning if you’re even interested at all. And that’s what puts you into the friend zone when she’s like, well, maybe we’re just texting buddies. Maybe he’s not actually interested. And so even if she does have feelings of attraction for you, they’re not, it’s not going to go anywhere, she thinks.

And so she’s very likely to just. And then, if you wait too long to ask her out, that’s what makes it feel kind of awkward and creepy, and now she doesn’t really know what to do with it. So you don’t want to wait too long. Actually, you wait too long.

Bonus Tip – How To Be Charming Instead Of Awkward!

Here’s another bonus tip. I’m full of bonus tips today.

There are two main things that make you creepy. Just two. It’s that simple. Two things. One is when she feels awkward around you and two is when she feels unsafe around you. Either emotionally unsafe or physically unsafe. This is what creeps her out instead of making her want to get closer to you. So what do you do about that?

You need to learn how to make her feel safe and attracted to you instead of unsafe and awkward. You need someone to teach you that, and thankfully, I’m a coach. This is what I do all the time. And I’ve actually already put together some training for you on this so that you can understand how to captivate her instead of creep her out.

And the best part is this training is completely free. Just go to CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass. I will put a link in the description below and a link in the pinned comments. I created this free training for you. So you have somewhere safe to go where you can get solid, authentic answers instead of mind game tricks that don’t work so that you don’t have to have these relationship struggles anymore.

Make sure you watch it now so you can make her want to get closer and closer to you. Just go to CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass. There’s a link in the description below.

Secret #3

Now, the next way to show interest without being creepy is to say something nice about her that doesn’t imply anything. Remember what I just mentioned?

If you make her feel awkward or if you make her feel unsafe in any way, that’s what makes you creepy to her. So. Basically, you want to avoid sounding like a wolf, okay? Unless she’s a toxic girl and loves drama, then she’s gonna like it, but that’s the last kind of person you want to be in a relationship with.

A good woman who wants forever love, who wants to love you and only you. Doesn’t want a wolf. So an example I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll mention again is let’s pretend she’s wearing a pretty summer dress. Okay. And you happen to notice that her legs look really nice. Nothing wrong with that. And you know, when your relationship is to a certain point, you can point that out.

But if you tell her that too soon, she’s going to go, Whoa, he just wants something from me. I feel unsafe. I feel really awkward. I don’t know what to say. And you’re going to appear creepy. So instead. Don’t tell her she has sexy legs right now. Okay. Wait until that’s later on in the relationship. So if you’re going to compliment her on the way she looks, avoid awkward situations like that.

And if you’re really nervous about coming across as creepy at first, don’t say anything about. the way she looks. Instead, compliment her on how smart she is, or how funny she is, or how good she is at this or that. And then you can kind of start to move into complimenting her on the way she looks once she starts to realize, okay, this guy’s, he’s, he’s legit.

He’s not creepy. Again, you want to make sure you avoid making her feel awkward or unsafe. I’ll explain more about what you can do for this.

Secret #4

Okay, the next one is a favorite of mine. This one is to break the touch barrier in a totally appropriate way. So I’m a coach. I’ve been a coach for a very long time, obviously. And I It’s changed my life in so many ways, one of which is I can’t watch movies the way most people watch movies anymore. I just like analyzing the movies and, and what’s going on in the movies.

Two movies in particular come to mind when I talk about this because of the way he interacts with the, the, the hero interacts with the heroine. One of them is called her pen pal and one of them is called autumn dreams. They’re both kind of a little bit older Hallmark movies from several years ago.

Really cute. This is not sponsored, but you know, if you like chick flicks, watch them because they’re adorable. In both of these videos, the hero will put his hand appropriately on her back and kind of guide her this way or that. It’s a wonderful way to break the touch barrier. It also helps you lead. in the relationship in a very natural and relaxed way.

And it makes her feel like she’s under your protection. She’s sheltered by you. You’re there. You’ve got her back, literally. And it’s very, very adorable. So there are very, very appropriate ways to break that touch barrier that definitely show interest and give her those exciting butterflies. Breaking the touch barrier like that helps her see you in a different way. That’s really good.

Quick question for you before I get to the next tip. There are two videos I’ve kind of been wondering about making. You let me know if you are interested in them. One, I was wondering about videos on texting. If you would like videos on that, comment texting. And two, I was wondering about making videos on the friend zone.

If you’d like videos on that comment friend zone, this feedback really, really helps me. And if you have any other ideas, leave those in the comments as well. And a huge thank you to those of you who are so amazing with the super thanks. It helps me continue to bring you this high quality content and it warms my heart as well.

So thank you. Now whether you have ever used the super things before or not, it’s just below this video. It’s like a heart icon kind of by the share and the like button. And if you would like more videos like this and would, I like to use the super. Thanks. It would mean a lot to me, so thank you.

Secret #5

Okay. This next way to show interest might sound a little simplistic, but that’s part of what makes it so powerful this way. To show her you’re interested without being creepy is to smile at her. Do you wanna know what makes a girl’s day that just makes her heart beat faster? Knowing that. She’s the reason why you’re smiling.

Like, that’s just adorable. You want to know that you’re the reason why she’s smiling, right? Well, she likes to know that she’s the reason you’re smiling too. Flashing a big smile for her is a great way to show that. It matters to you when you see her, that her presence, her being there is important to you.

She sees that she is affecting you in a positive way. It also helps you appear more approachable and more like a gentleman and someone she can trust. Which is definitely a win win situation. One quick tip I’ve given before is to practice smiling with your eyes. There’s a big difference between, I’m going to try, it’s hard for me to demonstrate, but I’m going to try.

Okay. So there’s a big difference between just smiling. That’s like the cheesy cheese picture or smiling with your eyes. When you really. Smile with your eyes and show that happiness and excitement. Oh my goodness, it’s ridiculously adorable. Body language is one of the most powerful tools you can have in all areas of life, especially when it comes to attraction.

That’s why I love sharing it with my clients in my academy and hearing their crazy awesome results. And you can get results so fast with body language. So it might sound small, but the small things really are what change everything.

5 Non-Creepy Ways To Show Interest In A Girl – Your Next Steps!

Okay, should we recap what you’ve learned so far? Let’s do it. One is to make sure you actually talk to her and listen to her and, and have that moment of connection.

Two is with that being said, don’t wait too long to ask her out or it’s going to feel awkward and unnatural and like the friend zone and just creepy. Three is to say something nice that doesn’t imply anything. A good rule of thumb, if you’re really nervous about being creepy is start by complimenting her.

in ways that are not specifically about the way she looks. And then you can build up from there. Number four is to break the touch barrier in an appropriate way. Simple little touch that’s totally appropriate, definitely shows interest and gives her those. Those happy butterflies. Next is to smile at her.

That act of letting her know that you’re happy when you see her definitely expresses interest while also making you even more attractive to her. And remember the two main things that make someone creepy is when she feels. awkward around you or when she feels unsafe, either emotionally or physically.

And I’m going to tell you what to do so you can avoid that forever in my free training. Just go to CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass. You need to learn how to make her want to get closer to you, right? Not further away. So make sure you watch it.

Thank you so much for watching, my amazing friend. Be sure to subscribe and ring the notification bell and give me a big.

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