This Is How A Girl Wants You To Text Her~ (say this!) Knowing how to text a girl you like can feel intimidating… Want to make it simple and exciting?

You’re about to learn what to text a girl you like and how to make her smile all over when you do. Whether you’re texting a girl you just met or a girl you’ve known for a while, these tips are sure to help build attraction fast.

Ready to feel like a pro at texting beautiful girls? Let’s dive in!

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This Is How A Girl Wants You To Text Her~ (Transcript)

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Do you want to make her heart flutter when her phone lights up and she sees that it’s a text from you? Do you want to just make her crazy to hear from you? In this video, I’m going to be revealing how to text a girl and what to say to her that makes her count down the minutes until she gets to hear from you again.

Does that sound good? Okay, then stay tuned. The best part is nothing I share with you in this video is an exhausting mind game. This is all about you being authentically you, which is the only way for you to attract an authentic girl. So it’s definitely something you need to know. Let’s get started with tip number one.

This Is How A Girl Wants You To Text Her – Tip #1

The first thing you do when you are texting that cute girl is first you want to break the ice. And the best thing to know when you’re trying to break the ice, trying to get to know a new gal is just keep it really simple. We tend to overthink this sometimes especially like with, Oh, what clever pickup line could I use?

And the truth is for the most part, some pickup lines can, can be pulled off well, but for the most part, it’s just. Best not to risk it because they usually just end up being really cheesy and make her uncomfortable. So instead, just keep it really natural, really casual. Like you’re just a human talking to another human being rather than someone who’s trying to force it.

So keep it simple. Something like, Hey, how are you? This is very natural. And it also just shows genuine interest in who she is as a person. It’s very authentic, which kind of makes her go, Oh, he cares about how I’m doing. And an added bonus, if you include her name in that. So like, Hey. Whatever her name is.

How are you doing? Or another really good version is, Hey, I was just thinking about you. How’s it going? That’s an added bonus because now she knows, you know, you’re thinking about her too, and that’s really cute. It’s like a really nice casual. Flirt. This cute guy, you know, he, he he was thinking about me and he wants to know how my day’s going.

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Tip #2

Okay. My next tip for how to make her heart just flutter when you text her is make sure you text her within 24 hours of getting her number. If you wait too long to text her, then she goes, wow. I don’t think he was really interested in me at all, and she actually starts to feel really hurt and embarrassed that she thought maybe you were interested.

Or she, she’ll think you’re a total airhead, someone she can’t really count on, and so she’s really just, whatever interest was there is going to… Not be there anymore. The exception, of course, is if you are texting a toxic girl, a drama queen. She loves those games. She loves counting down the exact minute of when she can and can’t text you and when you should and shouldn’t text her.

Do you really want a wife like that? I mean, think about it for a second. That would be exhausting, right? You want to text your wife whenever you want to instead of calculating the minutes, right? So if she’s into those games, just… Say goodbye. It’s time for this to be done. So, assuming you are texting a girl who is not a drama queen, you want to do it within the first 24 hours of getting her number.

Again, just keep it simple. Hey, it was really fun to meet you at such and such a place, or I was so glad that this person introduced us, whatever it is. If you add a little bit of context of whatever was going on when you met her and got her number, what this does is it helps keep the conversation going.

Now you have something else to talk about the location or the person who introduced you or whatever was going on at the time. And here’s an important thing to remember with this and all the tips I’m going to be sharing with you. Don’t overthink it. We tend to overthink it, right? It’s really, really easy because you want to make a good impression.

And that’s. totally normal. The good news is you can and should just keep it casual and really natural feeling because, yeah, she’s, she’s nervous too. Okay. So if you’re feeling nervous, she is too. And again, if she’s a non toxic girl, this, this actually, because you’re both feeling these emotions, it can honestly, Bring you closer together.

You both know you’re here to break the ice. You’re here to chat, hopefully, maybe get a little flirting in and see how you like each other, so you, you’re both in the same boat here. And so just keep, just relax, let it go. She’s feeling the same way, and that allows you both to have some real grace for your.

And remember too, that it’s her job to help with the conversation is her job to keep it going and make it interesting as well. So it’s okay. Deep breath. And by the way, I’ve mentioned toxic girls a couple times now. If you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to what a toxic woman is or how to identify them, you need to watch this video.

I’ll put a link in the description below. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons people are unhappy in their relationships is toxic relationships. So do yourself a favor and watch that.

Tip #3

Okay, the next tip, what you do. now. So you, you have already, you know, you’ve broken the ice. You made sure you did it within 24 hours.

So the next step is to just make fun conversation. Remember that this should be a really fun process. So just ask her, you know, how has her day been? How did work go? Has she done anything fun recently? It’s like I teach my clients in my academy. The key to making small talk very Simple and relaxed is to just ask the other person questions.

When someone is asking us questions about ourselves, we, we tend to feel a little bit more relaxed. We feel interesting and that’s a definitely a good feeling. It also, we know the answers to the questions about ourselves. And so it, it helps us just feel much more relaxed. And an added bonus is it obviously helps you get to know her better.

Which is good, right? Another thing I teach is look for common ground. What do you have in common and then build a conversation off of that. So what do you have in common with her? Where did you meet? Do you work at the same place? Well, do you, is there a location that you have in common or a mutual friend that you have?

Look for that common ground and then Talk about that. Ask questions about that. And just be you and have fun with it. Remember, if she’s someone who expects you to say the perfect line, that just screams high maintenance and you don’t want a girl like that. So just be you and have fun with it. A lot of people obsess about saying just the right line that will make her crazy about you.

That does not exist. Okay? It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a scam is what it is. Just be authentically you. The kind of girl who’s looking for an authentic guy because she’s an authentic girl is going to love that about you. She just wants to get to know who you are. And this brings up an interesting point. Texting can be really fun when you’re texting someone cute, right?

But you really don’t want it to just stop there. You don’t want it to just stop at texting. That would be the most boring relationship ever. Many guys end up in the friend zone and just having their hearts… Stomped all over because they don’t know how to cause that attraction to grow in a way that makes her fall in love and makes her never want to go a day without you.

Don’t worry though. I’m going to be sharing with you how to permanently transform the way women interact with you. I’m also going to be revealing what makes a woman fall passionately in love with you, and I’ll be sharing what has been keeping you from that love? What’s been stopping you? What’s been in your way?

from the love that you deserve and that you’re aching for. I have put this together for you in my free training. Obviously I don’t have time to put it in this video, nor is it on topic. So I have it in that free training for you. Just go to This is exactly what you need to learn next after learning how to make her heart flutter when you text her.

So Set yourself up for success right now at There’s a link in the description below, and I’ll put a link in the pinned comments. Set yourself up for success by watching it today. Next up for texting.

Tip #4

Okay. You’ve broken the ice and you have texted her within 24 hours and you’ve made some fun conversation, got to know her a little bit, let her get to know you a little bit.

So the next step is to ask her out. You do not want to wait too long to ask her out. This is the perfect way to get put in the friend zone for her to just see you as a texting buddy and for whatever attraction she had to just kind of fizzle out. Often a girl will be ridiculously interested in you, but she thinks you’re not interested in her and she doesn’t.

Her feminine energy doesn’t feel that masculine energy because you haven’t pursued her. And so then she just is hurt and feels rejected. She, she’s embarrassed that she even thought you thought she was cute. And so she, that’s often why a girl will actually pull away. So you do not want to wait too long to ask her out.

It’s like I teach my clients in my academy. There are a few things that are as magical as And honestly, just kind of intoxicating for lack of a better word as when a guy pursues a girl, it transforms the way she sees you. She sees you as masculine and strong and someone, you know, she just wants to be with, you know, she, she sees you as that knight in shining armor. And it’s, it’s a pretty magical way to dramatically increase. the attraction.

Tip #5

Okay. My next tip for how a girl wants you to text her is after you’ve asked her out, after you’ve gone out, make sure you keep texting. Don’t just stop there. If you do that, she’s going to say, wow, he thought that was the worst date ever.

And he hates me. But in Instead, use it as a fun tool to stay connected with her to get to know her better. It’s really a great way to, you know, include a little flirting and especially when you’re getting to know someone initially, it can be a lot less scary to flirt over text. So definitely Consider that.

So basically just continue to keep asking her fun questions and getting to know her. Something to remember is if you are in my academy is you can have access to my resource library and I have a lot of documents in there that are some people’s favorite part of the academy, honestly, because they’re full of really fast, awesome answers.

One of them is a huge list of conversation starters, so make sure you’re using those. I know a lot of you here are already in my academy, so make sure you’re using that. And if you’re not in my academy yet… What are you waiting for? You’re missing out every second. You’re not in it. So you can learn more about that in that free masterclass when you watch that as well. Just go to

So while you’re asking her these questions, remember to also listen to what she says to you and then ask her more about that. So like for instance she, you ask her where she works and she tells you. Wow. That’s a really you know, a fun career. Do you enjoy it?

How did you get involved in that? Continue to ask these questions. And it, it really, one question leads to another question and it really makes conversation. Very easy and simple. Speaking of questions, before we get to our next couple of tips, I have a question for you. I have, you guys asked for a video on texting, so I hope you’re enjoying it.

Please let me know if you are. And I was thinking about doing a video, a couple of other videos. One on signs she likes you over text, so you can tell through her texts if she likes you. If that is one you would like comment signs. I was also thinking about maybe doing one, how to flirt over text. If you would like that one comment flirting, and if you would like both comments involved, your feedback really does help me.

So thank you for your comments. I’m, I’m sorry I’m not able to answer all of your comments. Please know though, that I do go through and I read them personally and they bring a smile to my face and I really look forward to it. So thank you for those comments. Especially a huge thank you for those of you who are so amazing with the super things.

It really does. It just warms my heart and it helps me continue to bring you this content. So if you are enjoying this content, you would like a more high value content like this. No mind games approach consider using the super thanks because it does mean a lot to me. It’s just underneath this video.

It’s like, it’s like a heart icon, I think by like the like and the share button. And. It really does help, so thank you.

Tip #6

Okay, are you ready for my next tip? It’s coming in fast. Here we go. My next tip for how to text a girl is consider using good morning and good night texts. Now, you may not want to do this too soon.

And maybe after you’ve gone out a couple of times, just because it does kind of imply some closeness, but it is definitely something you should be using. And. One of the reasons why is it means you are the first thing on her mind when she gets up and the last thing on her mind when she goes to bed.

That can’t be a bad thing, right? It helps you stay in her mind. In addition to that, it’s just cute and, and it helps you feel close and it helps you feel like you matter to someone, which we all want, right? That’s. Kind of the whole reason people want like relationships and to get married is they want to matter.

They want to be close to someone. So sending those good nights and good morning texts. Yeah, to some people it might sound cliche, but we all want it.

Tip #7

And another fun thing to do throughout the texting process is to consider sending some pictures while you’re texting her. This is a great way to just be more personable.

Sometimes texting can just seem so flat and emotionless. Not to mention, you know, it’s It’s fun for her to see pictures of a really cute guy. Then she’s got your pictures on her phone, and she might even send you some pictures too, which is really fun. Now when I say send pictures, what I mean is let’s pretend you’re walking your dog.

You know, Hey, what’s up? Oh, Hey, I’m walking my dog and send a picture of you and your dog or a picture of your dog. Or maybe you’re out for a walk or whatever. Oh, this. Scenery is so beautiful. Send her a picture of that. Whatever it is. When you do that, this is a really good way to increase that closeness.

It can be a good way to, you know, flirt a little bit and it makes texting you much more exciting and interesting. Now, hopefully I do not have to say this. However I’m going to anyway, keep it rated G. If you want a girl to respect you, then be respectable, and that means keep it rated G. And if she is sending you images that are not rated G who else do you think she’s sending those to?

Do you really want a girl who’s doing that? So just keep it. Clean, keep it appropriate. That is how you build respect for each other. Honestly, I don’t have time in this video to get into all of the reasons why that’s important. Just trust me on this one, okay? Keep it clean and it sets you up for success in so many ways.

This Is How A Girl Wants You To Text Her – Recap & Next Steps

Okay, let’s recap real fast what you’ve just learned about texting a girl. You ready? Number one, break the ice. Number two, text her within 24 hours. Number three is to make fun conversation. And remember, a really good hack for this is to just ask her questions and find common ground. Number four, ask her out.

Do not wait too long to ask her out. Number five is to keep texting her. Keep the texts coming. If you just stop after you go out, that’s not gonna work. That’s gonna backfire really bad. You want to keep texting her, right? Next, consider good morning and good night texts. And lastly, send some pictures. You know, whether it’s binge watching your favorite show or your favorite dessert or something that reminded you of her.

Oh, that’s a bonus one because you can tell her you were thinking of her. As you do that, it can help really nurture that closeness and that attraction. Okay. Your next step is to learn how to take it even a step further and figuring out how to text her. And in really Start the flat and the flame of attraction is great.

Let’s learn what to do next, how to make her fall passionately in love with you. That’s what you’re going to learn when you watch that free training. Remember? So go to and set yourself up for success. Today. There’s some pretty juicy secrets and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you so much for watching My Amazing Friend. Be sure to subscribe and ring that notification bell if you haven’t yet. Share this video with a friend and follow me on social media. If you haven’t yet, there are links in the description below. I want to hear from you. Do you want more videos like this one?

If you do, comment and let me know. Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day.

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