How To Pass Her Tests? (And Why You Maybe Shouldn’t… 😅) If you’ve been wondering how to get a girl to like you and how to get a gorgeous girlfriend, you may have heard about women’s tests.

There’s a lot said about why women test men and the examples of of ways women test men. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that these tests can also be a sign of a toxic girlfriend!

I’ll walk you through some examples of girls tests that are healthy and others that are toxic so you can feel confident as you navigate through dating and getting to know her. Are you ready to know how to pass her tests (or why you maybe shouldn’t)? Let’s get started!

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How To Pass Her Tests? (And Why You Maybe Shouldn’t)

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Have you ever heard that all women test men? The truth is a lot of these tests are pretty toxic. I’m going to be revealing some of them today, as well as some of the tests that aren’t too bad and that you should actually be using to test her as well. So if you have ever wondered how to pass her tests or wondered if, if she is testing you, then this video is made for you.

So make sure you keep watching. Okay. The first thing you need to know. Right from the start is a lot of these tests are actually just toxic behaviors that people are trying to justify. We’ll get into that a little bit more as we go on. But first I just want to take a second and define what a toxic trait or a toxic person means.

I like to call toxic people adult bullies because that’s really all they are. Sometimes we think that bullying is just something that happens in school. And then people grow up and it stops happening. And I wish that it stopped happening. But the fact is there are adult bullies. They’re real. If you think about a substance that’s toxic, what does that mean?

Well, it means it’s poisonous. It’s hurtful. It’s harmful. This is the effect that toxic people have on us, on our emotional state, our mental states, often our physical state, their influences like slow poison that destroys our self esteem and happiness. If you have not yet seen this video, make sure you give it a watch.

The truth is this happens to Christians as well. Many people think, oh, if I’m Christian and they’re Christian, that won’t happen to me. The sad reality it is that it does. So you wanna make sure you are aware of it so you can be prepared for that. I’ll put a link in the description below.

In my academy when I’m teaching you how to repel toxic women, I like to call them the signs of the siren, because if you are familiar with mythology, you know that the sirens were, um, these creatures that would sing ever so sweetly and they basically alert Sailors to their deaths because they sung so sweet.

So this is often how toxic people are. They make it sound really good. They make it look really good, but it’s actually very bad.

So now that you understand that as we move forward with this video, you’re going to be hearing about some signs that are definitely signs of a toxic person. You could call them a sign of a siren. Also, we will be talking about some things that are totally appropriate and that you should be doing too. So, sound good? You ready? Let’s get started.

How To Pass Her Tests – #1

The first one is called the insult or the verbal challenge test. And I’m just rolling my eyes as I even say that. This is basically where a woman will say rude or disrespectful or belittling things to see how you react. And the claim is, it is… To see if you will keep your cool and if you are a confident person.

And if you react to the, to this, to her being rude or belittling or unkind, if you react to that, then you have failed the test. Do you know what that sounds like to me? That sounds like a jerk looking for an excuse to justify being a jerk. Let’s be real here. And then to claim that it’s the man’s fault for being assertive and not tolerating that bad behavior.

That right there is toxic all day long. Anyone who feels that it’s appropriate to purposefully do something that would upset someone to see how they would react is immature at best. And they clearly don’t know how to read people or just don’t care to learn how to read people. Acting this way is never appropriate.

And if she does this to you, the way to win or pass the test is to see it as a red flag and to Get out of there.

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Test #2

The second test we’re going to talk about is that she wants you to meet her friends and family. And this is an example of a great test. I don’t even really want to call it a test because it’s not a test. It’s just common sense. It’s just a smart move. The people who are closest to us have insights that maybe we won’t know.

We won’t notice when we’re really infatuated, which is usually what happens when we’re dating someone. So getting the. The insight of the people who know us best and love us the most is invaluable. In addition to that, we want the people who matter most to us to get along. And so we want to make sure when we’re dating someone, uh, that they will get along with the people that we love.

That’s just makes sense. Right? So the way to pass this test, if you could call it a test, is to just. Be yourself. As long as you are already striving to be a kind, likable, enjoyable person to be around, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Because if she likes you, then the people that she cares about are probably going to like you as well.

They, they’re going to have common likes and dislikes. And just in case it’s not clear at this point, you should be doing this with her as well. You should be having her meet the people who are closest to you and. getting their opinion on her and her opinion on them and seeing how they get along. That, if you are hoping to, you know, create a union with her to get married to her someday, it’s important to make sure that, that that works.

Honestly, here’s a really good focus for this test and all of the appropriate tests. Rather than worrying and obsessing about getting it right, just focus on being the most attractive version of yourself. This is the most effective method. no matter what the scenario is, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

That’s why my academy focuses so heavily on helping you understand how to be the most attractive version of yourself. You cannot lose with that strategy. So don’t overthink the details. That will just give you anxiety. Look at the big picture instead.

Test #3

Okay, the next way some women will test you is what’s known as the jealousy test.

This is where she will purposefully let you see her talking to another man or other men, uh, possibly even being a little, um, flirty with them. The claim is. It’s to see if you will fly off the handle, if you will get jealous and to see how confident you are. That’s the claim. And the truth is a man who gets jealous easily is not attractive.

That is true. Just like a woman who gets jealous easily is not attractive. With that being said, basic human respect states that if we are with someone else, we have no business talking to and interacting with a single. 

So let’s look at this for what it is. If a girl is willing to purposefully make you jealous, then that means she is willing to purposefully manipulate your emotions. And do you really want a girl like that? I mean, that just sounds like a headache if you ask me. The truth is there are plenty of ways to understand who someone really is that don’t involve messing with their heads and messing with their emotions.

And if she is not mature enough to know how to do that, that in and of itself is a red flag. So how do you pass this test? Well, basically, if you see or sense that she is purposefully trying to make you jealous, see it as a red flag because that’s what it is.

With that being said, do make sure that you’re, you’re being reasonable about this. Sometimes you do just Talk to someone who you’re not trying to make anybody jealous. You’re just their good friend, or maybe you get stuck in a conversation you can’t get out of, and she really wants to be talking to you.

Things happen, so don’t overreact about it. But if you get that sense that she’s totally trying to make you jealous, or even if she’s just off talking to other guys, even if she’s not trying to make you jealous, it’s just kind of a good Red sign that maybe this is not a good idea.

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Test #4

So the next test is another example of a totally appropriate one, one that you should be doing using. as well. This test is to ask about your goals.

Again, this is something that’s just smart for two people to know about each other. You want to make sure that the other person actually has goals. Um, if there’s somebody who’s like, I don’t have. Any ambition for life? Well, they don’t really, they’re not going to be very fun to be around. As a matter of fact, they’re probably going to drain the energy out of you.

But if instead they have interests and goals and, and, and, and goals for, uh, how they want a relationship to be, you know, there’s like, if I just get a relationship and I just settle for it, that’s enough versus someone who’s like, no, I want love. I want excitement. I want passion. I want closeness. And they have those goals.

They’re going to be a much better partner, right? In addition to just making sure they actually have goals, it’s important to make sure your goals align. An example would be for some people, their goal is they love their hometown and they, they love the community there. And one of their goals is to raise their children in their hometown.

Somebody else’s goal may be to travel the world. Two good people. That have two good goals, but they’re not necessarily going to work together. So there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this as a test. It’s actually very smart. Again, I don’t even really like calling it a test. It’s just smart. So how do you pass this test?

Well, you’re just honest with her. You’re just honest about what your goals are. Make sure you actually have some and just be honest about it.

Test #5

Okay. The next test is, can you tell when it’s a toxic one? I’m always like, wow. The next test is the change of plans test. This is where she will purposefully do something to inconvenience you, like changing the plans last minute or totally flaking out or canceling or something like that.

The claim for this. Test is to see how you will react. Will you act like a jerk? Will you lose your cool? Will you stay confident and not say anything? Because apparently confident people don’t say anything. Go figure. That was sarcasm, just in case, just in case people don’t know. Sometimes my sarcasm comes out hardcore. 

And the truth is, this is important knowledge to have, to know if somebody’s going to lose their cool, fly off the handle, and act like a jerk. However, There are more appropriate ways to figure this out. If a girl can’t figure out what kind of guy he is without a test like that, she’s just not paying enough attention. She’s just not.

With this being said, do remember, don’t, don’t automatically assume everything is a toxic test. Um, sometimes things do happen. Sometimes even though you really want to go out with someone. Something comes up, you have to change the plans or you have to cancel, or sometimes life hits you upside the head and you do kind of flake out.

So don’t overreact when it happens. But if you start getting that feeling that maybe she’s trying to test you, um, Then maybe she is and it can be a sign that if she has to stage it, she’s trying way too hard.

So quick question before we get to the next test, I was thinking about doing a video about why it can sometimes feel like most women are toxic. Cause I get questions and comments about that sometimes.

Um, The answer might surprise you a little bit, but is that something you would like a video on? I’m honestly not sure how I feel about making a video on that, so if it’s something you want, be sure to let me know. Comment TOXIC to let me know. Your feedback really does help me as I’m planning out the video, so thank you.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s so incredible with the Super Thanks. Thank you for supporting wholesome content and Christian content and uplifting relationship advice. Your support means the world to me. And whether you’ve ever used the Super Thanks before or not, if you’re enjoying this video and you’d like to support good, wholesome content, consider using the Super Thanks. It really does help. So thank you.

Test #6

Okay, the next test is that she wants to know your opinion. She asks you questions about things, things like politics, religion, but also things like, um, your favorite food, your favorite color, your favorite style, movies, books, music. This is an example of a test that, again, I don’t really feel is a test.

It’s just common sense. This is how we get to know people. This is how we find out if we’re compatible. For example, my academy is all about helping you find the right girl for you. The one who makes you feel alive and ridiculously excited to come home every night and something I stress there is to ask lots of questions.

And this is one of the reasons why. It helps, you know, if you get along, if you like each other, if you’re compatible with each other, if the chemistry is there. So yes, this is again, an example of a test. If you want to call it that, this should go both ways. She should be asking you lots of questions and you should be asking her lots of questions.

And the truth is even married couples should be asking each other lots of questions. That’s what helps you stay close and connected and, and helps you stay interesting to each other. So how do you pass this test? That’s pretty much the theme for this video. And here’s why you can only have authentic love if you’re using authentic strategies.

It’s that simple. At the end of the day, attraction is actually very simple. It feels huge, but it’s very simple. When you understand the fundamentals, you can make the girl of your dreams feel… Deeply in love with you pretty quickly. And I’ll teach you more about this when you watch that free training as well. Again, it’s just

How To Pass Her Tests – Recap

Okay. Let’s recap these tests. What you’ve learned so far. Are you ready? Number one is the verbal insult or challenge test. This is a red flag. This is toxic. Number two, she wants you to meet her family and friends. Totally appropriate. Something you should be doing as well.

Number three is the jealousy test. Again, she’s purposefully trying to make you jealous. That’s a red flag right there. Number four, she asks you about your goals. Again, totally appropriate. You should be asking her as well. Number five is the change of plans test or flaking out, inconveniencing you test.

Red flag. Hopefully that’s obvious. And number six is that she asks you questions. She wants to know your opinion on things, something you should be doing. As well. Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend. Be sure to subscribe and ring the notification bell if you haven’t yet. And if you don’t yet follow me on social media, there are links in the description below.

I share exclusive content in my Instagram stories. That’s pretty good too. So you don’t want to miss it. Make sure you share this video with a friend. More people need to know about these so called tests, and I know it would help them. And, uh, be sure to tell me in the comments what you enjoyed and what you would like to see next.

Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day.

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