Do you know the signs of a toxic girlfriend? If you are going to have a healthy (and happy) relationship knowing how to spot these adult bullies is critical. If you miss this important step the gal you think is your dream girl can turn out to be your worst nightmare.

If you haven’t seen my first video Signs of a Toxic Girlfriend be sure to give it a watch. I’ve got 5 signs that are sure to help you know which girls are worth your time and which aren’t.

It’s best to be able to see these signs in a girl long before she is your girlfriend. And it’s better to see them when she’s your girlfriend rather than your wife. By learning what to look for you are making sure you can have that happy relationship you really want.

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She pouts when she doesn’t get her way. Acting childish is never cute or a sign of affection. If she can’t handle hearing “no” sometimes then she is a selfish drama queen who you don’t need in your life. Whether it’s “I’m sorry I can’t see you because I have to work late”, “Just hold on one minute and then we’ll go get food, I need to finish this first”, or “That movie makes me uncomfortable, could we watch something else?” If she starts to pout and make you feel bad for your decision she is out of line.

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