10 Types Of Women Who Are A Waste Of Time! Want to get your dream girlfriend? You need to know the types of women who are a waste of time! Otherwise you can end up with a nightmare instead of your dream girl. I’m not even kidding, never date these types of women unless you want a lot of heartache. Avoid dating these girls at all costs. Knowing the signs of toxic women and signs of a toxic girlfriend are critical. These adult bullies can be hard to spot but once you know these things you’ll be well on your way to having your dream relationship instead.

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10 Types Of Women Who Are A Waste Of Time

Today’s video and article are on 10 types of women who are a waste of time. Seriously you should never date these women. Like ever.

I think the most common type of woman that most people don’t know is a problem is the one I mentioned very last.

So pay very close attention to that one because honestly it’s so easy to miss this but it seriously is a total waste of time. So pay very close attention.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and my specialty is helping you guys get the girl of your dreams.

Can I be really honest with you guys for a second?

One of the main reasons I wanted to become a coach for men is because I have seen so many amazing men end up with total nightmares. Like these awful awful mean women.

And the truth is these types of women are very good at making it look like they’re nice people but they’re not. So it’s very very important that you’re aware of it.

I have personally talked to men who are heartbroken because they married a woman who they thought was amazing only to find out she’s not.

So one of the best things you can do to make sure you get your dream girl is to make sure you know exactly how to tell the difference between your dream girl and a total nightmare.

That is what we’re going to be covering in today’s video. Sound good?

1 – The Religious Bully

The first type of woman who is a total waste of time is the religious bully.

Now as I mentioned I’m Christian. And most of my audience is Christian. But what a lot of Christians don’t know is there are toxic people at church.

There are women who go to church but they’re total bullies and they’re very very mean. That’s part of why they go to church is to find nice people to bully.

This isn’t a new thing and has been around since the beginning of time. That’s why in the bible we read about wolves and sheep’s clothing. Makes sense, right?

So some women will use religion as a way to bully other people. They will come up with scriptures to manipulate people, distort the true meaning to get people to do things for them, and they will use religion as a way to push people around.

Yes they’ll be able to quote scripture, they’ll go to church every week, but they’re just bullies.

One of the worst things you can do is end up with a wolf in sheep’s clothing so pay very close attention to that.

2 – The Self-Righteous Women

The second type of woman who’s a waste of time and that you should never date it kind of goes along those same lines and that is the self-righteous woman.

Another thing that toxic people who go to church will do is they use religion as a way to be better than everybody else.

Well I’m just so religious and I’m just so humble.” Guys I have seen this done so many times. Religious bullies are very very real.

A lot of people like I said will use religion as a way to look good so people trust them. That’s why it’s very important to take your time to get to know people very well and to be able to read the signs of toxic women.

If you haven’t seen my videos on toxic women yet there be sure toΒ click here. Be sure to at least watchΒ this one (Toxic Girlfriend Signs).

Seriously you are going to save yourself so much heartache just by knowing these things.

3 – The Needy Girl

The third type of woman who’s a waste of time and that you should never date is the needy girl.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like it was all give and no take?

That is not a relationship guys. That’s a monarchy, that’s what that is. That is not a relationship.

A healthy and happy relationship, a relationship where you thrive, is where you can give and take.

So if she always needs your reassurance, if she always needs you there, she constantly needs you to be doing things for her and making her feel good, and she’s overly needy it’s a waste of time.

It’s a complete and total waste of time. That’s not a real relationship and it is never going to bring you happiness. It’s never going to help you thrive. Total waste of time.

4 – The Gossip

The fourth type of girl is the gossip.

This one can be really hard to spot because sometimes people gossip nicely. Have you ever noticed that?

Some people will make it sound like they’re not saying mean things because they “care about people but they’re just kind of stupid but they really care about them.”

Pay close attention to how she talks about other people.

Because one, it’s just draining to be around someone like that, and two, if she’s talking about them that way you better bet she’s talking about you that way. Not in front of you but she is.

So seriously nothing good comes of the gossip. So if she gossips a lot it’s a waste of time.

A Quick Question

Quick question before we keep going on to number five. Are you finding these tips helpful and would you like to know more and like me to do more videos about this?

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5 – The Drama Queen

And the fifth type of woman that is a waste of your time is the drama queen. We all know them but sometimes they’re subtle.

Here’s something very important you need to know. As a man, it’s very normal for you to want to be the hero. And that’s good. And as a matter of fact in a healthy relationship that is something you can have.

But there are toxic women, adult bullies as I like to call them, who will take advantage of that.

She will draw you into all this drama with the promise of you feeling like the hero but all you’re getting is wrapped up in her drama.

Drama is very addicting. Most people don’t know this but it is as addicting or more addicting than some of the most addicting drugs.

And so if you notice that she’s always surrounded by drama, even if she says she doesn’t like it, but if she always is involved in drama with her friends, with work, with you, and if she pulls you into this drama it’s a total waste of time.

Your entire relationship is going to be based on drama so avoid that at all costs.

6 – The Pessimist

The sixth type of woman you should never date is the pessimist.

Have you ever been around someone that just made you feel like drained and you just felt like there’s no hope left and the sun is never going to shine and the situation is never going to get better?

Those types of people are some of the worst people you can be in a relationship with.

Everything is dark, everything is gloomy, and the truth is they don’t want that to change. They’re getting something from life being bad.

So honestly if you’re going to spend your life with someone it needs to be someone encouraging, somebody who’s building, somebody who’s going to help you grow and develop and draw closer to God.

If you feel like you’re drained around her a lot then seriously don’t go there. It’s a total waste of time.

7 – The Free Stuff Girl

The seventh type of woman is the one who just wants free stuff.

It breaks my heart. I have men ask me all the time “Hey she’s asking me for money. What should I do?” or “She always wants me to take her out to eat but then she doesn’t want to hang out any other time.

Guys the sad reality is some women will use you if you let them.

Not all women are that way but the women you shouldn’t spend time with are that way.

Be sure to watchΒ this videoΒ which is how to know if she’s using you. That is going to help you so much especially if this is something you struggle with.

Just know if she is always asking for free stuff “Hey pay for this“, “Oh buy me food“, “Oh do this for me“, “Oh my goodness I just need you to do this so bad.” If she’s doing that all the time dude she is a complete waste of time.

8 – The Belittling Woman

Number eight is a woman who belittles you.

The woman you are with should make you feel amazing.

She should make you feel like a rock star and like a hero and you should always feel uplifted when you are with her. You should always feel more capable and more awesome.

Anytime you feel belittled, even if you can’t explain why, because usually women who are belittling are very subtle about it, they say little things that get under your skin and make you feel bad.

So even if you can’t explain why if you are belittled or feel belittled it’s a waste of time. Don’t even try it.

I have so many men ask me “Well but do you think I can make it work?” If they see any of these signs they’re like “Well but you know I really care about her. Can I make it work?

Do you want to make it work? Do you want to spend your life with someone like this?

The truth is guys it doesn’t get better, it only gets worse as she trains you more and more and you give in more and more.

So seriously do you want to spend the rest of your life like this or far worse?

If the answer is no then seriously you just deserve someone so much more amazing.

9 – The Jealous Girl

And number nine is the jealous girl.

Now she may be jealous of her friends or her co-workers or her family or random people she doesn’t even know on social media.

She may be jealous of you. She may be jealous of your time and may demand things of you because of that.

Seriously complete and total waste of time. That’s not a healthy relationship, that is a very draining relationship.

The type of woman you are looking for, the kind of woman you can have a happy relationship with, she would never do that to you.

So be very very aware if you see that she’s jealous she’s a waste of time, don’t waste any more time, it’s time to move on and find someone amazing.

10 – The Girl Who Plays Mind Games

And we are to that special one I told you to pay close attention to. Seriously guys this is so prevalent.

So many people think this is normal and it’s not normal and it’s not okay.

Number 10 is the girl who plays mind games with you and the woman who plays tricks on you, who makes you prove yourself and who plays hard to get with you, etc. etc.

That is a waste of time. What kind of relationship is it if you have to play games? If you have to count an exact number of minutes before you can text her back?

That is a relationship where you can’t be your real self and where she can’t be her real self.

And the reality of this is if she’s willing to play games with you then she’s willing to play games with you. She is willing to mess with your mind. She’s willing to make you feel bad to get what she wants.

Sounds like a waste of time to me. If you have to play mind games with her she’s not genuine and she’s not sincere.

And the truth is you deserve a woman who is genuine and who is sincere. You deserve someone you can give your heart to and who is going to hand over her heart to you and be crazy in love with you.

Those relationships do exist you just have to know the right skills so that you can get one.

What’s Next?

Thank you so much for reading my amazing friend!

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Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day.

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