9 Things Nice Guys Do Wrong (Instant Attraction Killers)! Tired of being the nice guy no one wants to date? Ready to be the nice guy who steels her heart? You are in luck!

In this video you will learn how to stop being the nice guy who’s looked over and why nice guys don’t finish last WHEN they know the right strategy. If you want to know how to be more confident and how to attract women, you will love what you are about to hear. πŸ‘ˆ

Ready for these tips to not be the nice guy no one wants? Let’s dive in then with 9 Things Nice Guys Do Wrong (Instant Attraction Killers)!


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9 Things Nice Guys Do Wrong!

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on 9 things nice guys do wrong, instant attraction killers.

But here’s the best part, guys. πŸ‘‰ Not only are you going to learn what you’re doing wrong, but you will also know what to do instead.

Because that’s the whole point, right? To know what to do instead so you can get that dream girl.

So if you are tired of being the nice guy that no one wants to date and you’re ready to be that total heartthrob and get that dream girl make sure you pay close attention and read to the end.

Before we dive in, if this is your first time reading one of my articles, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time and energy on bad relationships by learning the skills that instead get your dream girl and that happy lifelong relationship. βœ…

Are you tired of being the nice guy that no one wants to date? Are you tired of being ghosted and being in the friend zone? It’s painful, isn’t it? It’s time to turn that around, right? It’s time to instead get that dream girl.

Bad Boys Don’t Get Dream Girls

Now we’re going to go over some of the things nice guys do wrong, but I want to point out something important. So please pay close attention. Are you with me?

Girls don’t like bad boys, okay? I know that’s not the popular thing to say. The truth is, if she’s toxic, she wants bad boys because, well, she’s a bad girl. That’s just kind of how it works.

So no matter what you’ve been told about girls liking bad boys, it’s not true. πŸ’‘

Make sure you also watchΒ this video (How To Attract Women: The Bad Boy Myth Debunked!). I talk about what you can do instead to be more attractive than those bad boys.

If she is looking for a happy, lifelong relationship, why would she want a bad boy? They’re not trustworthy, they’re players, they just aren’t any fun.

Instead, she wants a good man. She wants a good guy. It’s not that you shouldn’t be a good guy or shouldn’t be kind. Instead, you just need to know what common mistakes to avoid and what to start doing instead.

So with that, let’s get started! πŸ”₯

9 Things Nice Guys Do WrongΒ #1 – Acting Like Her Friend

Okay, the first thing that nice guys do wrong and is an instant attraction killer is acting like you’re her friend. This is one of the most common reasons nice guys end up in the friend zone.

Instead of acting like a potential partner or someone attractive to date, they act like they are her friend. When that happens, she thinks, “oh, he must just want to be friends,” and so you get put in the friend zone.

And sometimes you can get out of the friend zone, sometimes you honestly can’t. Rather than acting like her friend, you need to understand how to attract her and act as more than a friend. πŸ‘ˆ Make sense?

This is one of the biggest benefits of having the right dating and relationship skills. Instead of acting like a friend, you act like an attractive, confident man.

#2 – You Aren’t Setting Boundaries

Okay, another one of the big things nice guys do wrong that kills the attraction is when you don’t set boundaries.

Someone who sets appropriate boundaries has self-respect and they have confidence. That’s the type of person people are drawn to.

People want to be around people who are confident and who have healthy self-respect. So you must know how to set boundaries. And honestly in all areas of your life.

I don’t mean that you need to set boundaries because she wants to push your boundaries. If she wants to push your boundaries she’s toxic, okay? 😬 That’s a fact.

But if she sees that you let people walk on you all the time, that you say yes when really you want to say no, and when you get pushed around by everyone, that shows that you’re not confident.

Not setting boundaries shows that you don’t have that healthy self-respect. It’s exhausting to be in a relationship with someone like that. It makes her feel uncomfortable and awkward.

What your dream girl wants instead is to see you setting those boundaries. Then she sees you as a confident man, then she sees you as a strong masculine man. And that is attractive. βœ…

Honestly, one of the biggest things that get you labeled a nice guy is when you let people walk on you. Setting appropriate boundaries is a game-changer.

This is why in my program when I’m teaching the basics of how to be a confident man, I teach how to set appropriate boundaries.

It changes how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. Which in turn changes how everyone else sees you and skyrockets your attraction. πŸš€

#3 – Not Taking Action

Okay, the next thing nice guys do wrong that kills the attraction and causes you to miss out on your dream relationship is not taking action.

What do I mean by that? I mean not being proactive about relationships. This means just waiting for relationships to happen or not actively learning what you need to know to make a relationship work.

Often, as Christians, this is incredibly common in the Christian culture, is just waiting for God to make it happen. This doesn’t make any sense.

We don’t wait for God to do anything else in our lives, right? We don’t just wait for God to fill up our car with gas. We don’t just wait for God to move us to a new home. Instead, we need to take action, and God will help us.

So one of the biggest things that label someone a nice guy is when he’s not proactive about dating and relationships, being good at them, and knowing how to create them. πŸ‘ˆ

Is this making sense? Now, this often happens simply because you don’t know what to do, right? How do you move forward? How are you proactive about that?

What does that even mean, and what does that look like? Is that what you’re wondering right now? And are you tired of being that nice guy and having no clue how to move forward? If that’s you, I’ve got your back.

I have an all-new free masterclass where I teach you the three secrets to finding and attracting the girl of your dreams.

You’re going to learn how to find her even if you’ve tried everything, how to become attractive no matter your situation, and how to remove all barriers between you and your dream girl.

That’s powerful information, right? Can you imagine how good you would feel knowing that? You can totally turn this around. You don’t have to be the nice guy without a girl anymore.

You can be the nice guy who’s holding the girl of your dreams. And you canΒ watch the masterclass right now. It doesn’t matter what time of night or day you’re seeing this, you can watch it immediately.

I can’t wait for everything you’re going to learn over there, so make sure you check it out!

#4 – You Aren’t Pursuing

Okay, are you ready for the next thing nice guys do wrong that instantly kills attraction? It’s when you don’t pursue. Women need to be pursued. That’s how God created us.

And don’t misunderstand, she’s pursuing you in her ways as well. You need to make sure you know how to identify that and see that’s what she’s doing. Women pursue, it just looks different than how men pursue. πŸ’‘

So if she’s interested, if she’s pursuing, but you don’t pursue her back, ouch, that’s rejection. To her, that hurts so bad because she thinks you know she’s pursuing you. ❌ And so if you don’t act, wow, that hurts.

In addition to that, women are naturally attracted to men who pursue. She sees you as masculine and confident, feels safe with you, and she feels drawn to you.

Not pursuing is one of the best ways to end up a nice guy instead of a guy who’s holding the girl of his dreams.

#5 – Telling Her You Have Feelings Way Too Soon

This leads us right into the next thing nice guys do wrong. And it’s when you tell her you have feelings for her before you have been dating for a while.

Many men think that this is what it means to pursue. “I’m just going to tell her I have feelings for her. I’m just going to tell her how beautiful she is and that I have a crush on her.

That’s not pursuing, that’s creepy. I don’t know how to say that nicely. That is creepy to women. 😬

What that does is that assumes an emotional closeness that’s not there yet. She does not want to know that you have feelings for her until you’ve been dating for a while.

When you’re ready to be serious, when you’re ready for this to go to boyfriend-girlfriend status, then you can tell her that, but not before.

Otherwise, she goes, “whoa, I don’t even know this guy. He doesn’t even really know me. He must want something from me,” and it freaks her out.

Never ever tell her you have feelings for her until you are ready to take things to the next level. Promise me, right now. In the comments, comment “I promise!”

πŸ’¬ Also, while you’re in the comments, let me know if you are enjoying this video and if you like more videos on nice guys and how you can be the nice guy who wins instead of the nice guy who loses.

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#6 – Not Putting In Effort For Your Style

Okay, moving on to the next thing nice guys do wrong is not putting in the right effort for how you look. And this often comes from not knowing how to look nice. It also comes from a lack of confidence.

That’s why I spend so much time teaching this in my program as well. How do you do it? How do you make sure you look nice? πŸ€”

Now thankfully when you do learn how to dress nice and start dressing nice it skyrockets your confidence and your attraction.

But so often, what labels someone a nice guy and kills the attraction quickly is when he doesn’t dress masculine, confident, or dress in a way that shows off how attractive he is.

Many men think they’re not attractive when in reality, they just have a bad haircut or their clothes don’t fit them right, or they’re wearing a style that they should not be trying to wear.

And so it’s not that they aren’t attractive, it’s that they don’t understand how to make that shine. πŸ’‘ That’s why I love teaching my clients about this. It’s so helpful.

So bottom line, make sure that you are putting in the right effort with how you look. This includes your haircut, your facial hair, how you dress, making sure your style is modern, classic, and masculine.

#7 – Being Needy

The next thing nice guys do wrong that kills attraction instantly is being needy. It’s sometimes easy to be needy.

A good way to tell if you’re a needy person is if you need constant affirmation, you need constant attention, or you need constant validation. And even when you kind of feel like you have to beg her for attention.

That’s draining to her. She doesn’t want a needy man. That’s an exhausting relationship. Instead, she wants a confident man.

πŸ‘‰ This doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t compliment you and support you and encourage you. Those are all traits you must have in a good relationship, right?

It just means that you also need to be confident in who you are and confident that you have good things to offer.

Being needy is a common thing that messes up the approach and messes up pursuing her the right way.

If you haven’t yet seenΒ this video on pursuing (How To Pursue Women The Right Way), do make sure you watch it. It’s going to help you so much.

If you feel like you’re a needy person or you need that constant validation, it’s time to skyrocket your confidence instead. And that simply comes from learning how to do that.

Do make sure youΒ watch my free masterclass. It’s going to help you so much with this. Seriously I can’t wait for you to see it! βœ…

#8 – Lack Of Drive And Ambition

Okay, the next thing nice guys do wrong is when they don’t show her that they have drive and ambition.

Interesting people are attractive people. Someone who is involved in things, and has hobbies and interests, and who is pursuing things in life. Those people are interesting, they’re attractive, they’re fun.

Often why someone gets labeled a nice guy is if he just doesn’t seem to have much to offer. He’s just kind of boring and doesn’t have a lot to show.

If instead, you show her you’re involved in good things, and pursuing all kinds of wonderful things in life, that’s attractive and interesting to her. πŸ‘ˆ

And honestly, guys, let’s be real. I’m writing this in 2021 and we’ve been through kind of a rough ride, right? I don’t mean to take away from that in any way.

However, now is the perfect time to be adding to who you are. Then when you meet her you’re an interesting person and therefore an attractive person.

So go online, learn things, watch that masterclass I told you about. As you add to who you are, you will naturally become a more attractive person and step past being that nice guy no one wants to date.

#9 – Being Negative

Okay, and the next thing nice guys do wrong, and guys, this might be one of the biggest things, is being negative and having a negative attitude.

I cannot tell you how many comments I have gotten from men who are like, “girls don’t like nice guys,” and then they go on and they rant.

And they are so negative I’m thinking, dude, that’s not your problem. You are so negative she can’t even stand to be around you. ❌ No one wants to spend time with someone who’s always focusing on the negative.

It’s like Eeyore in Winnie The Pooh. Do you remember that from your childhood? He was draining, right? He’s an exhausting character to be around.

Instead, we want to be around someone optimistic and happy and fun and playful.

It’s easy to fall into. Especially if you don’t have that confidence, it’s easy to be negative about yourself and dating in general.

However, it’s time to change that. It’s time to become that positive person. That’s what makes you feel better, that’s what skyrockets your confidence, and that is what attracts her. πŸš€

9 Things Nice Guys Do Wrong – Recap

Okay, let’s recap what you have learned so far on things that nice guys do wrong instant attraction killers.

  1. Acting like her friend instead of a potential date or a potential partner.
  2. You don’t set boundaries. Women want to see someone confident and masculine, not someone who gets pushed around a lot.
  3. Not taking action. Waiting for the relationship to happen and magically fall into place. Instead, you need to be proactive. You need to learn what to do and do it. That’s how you get results.
  4. Not pursuing her. This puts you in the friend zone and makes her lose interest. Not pursuing is basically the same as rejection.
  5. Telling a woman you have feelings for her before you’ve been dating for a while. It’s a bad mistake. Don’t do it.
  6. Not putting in the right effort to how you look. You want to make sure you look confident, masculine, and attractive.
  7. Being needy. That is an instant attraction killer. You wouldn’t want a needy girlfriend, right? Your dream girl doesn’t want a needy man.
  8. Not showing her that you have drive, ambition, and interests. Interesting people are attractive.
  9. A negative attitude. When you have a negative attitude, it kills the attraction so fast. But if instead, you have a positive, happy, confident attitude, that’s attractive.

9 Things Nice Guys Do Wrong – What’s Next?

Β Again if you feel lost and don’t know what to do next,Β watch my free masterclass. It’s going to create an insane amount of clarity for you. And seriously, it’s going to be a huge relief. πŸ”₯

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Thank you so much again for reading, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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