Dangerous Christian Dating Advice and the secret key to your dream relationship! Tired of being single and lonely? Want to finally feel loved with the girl of your dreams? You need to know this dangerous Christian dating advice AND what to do instead. πŸ’‘

➑️ Whether you’re searching for Christian dating advice for men, Godly dating tips, Christian dating advice after divorce or just Christian dating advice for adults, you won’t get very far until you discover this secret.

Ready for a happy, lifelong relationship? βœ… Let’s dive into Dangerous Christian Dating Advice!

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Dangerous Christian Dating Advice!

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on dangerous Christian dating advice. And the secret key to your dream relationship.

Be honest with me for a minute. Have you ever heard, “Well, just wait, and it’ll happen,” “Oh, just wait for God’s timing,” “Relationships just happen.“?

So you keep waiting, and you keep waiting, but you’re still alone. πŸ€” You don’t have that special someone to walk by your side through life. You start to wonder why everybody else gets a relationship, but you don’t.

And it hurts and makes you feel embarrassed and self-conscious. You trust God, but sometimes you just feel like your dream relationship is getting further away.

Have you ever felt that? Do you know what that feels like? Here’s what you need to know. There’s some dangerous Christian dating advice that will keep you stuck there.

Too many people act like it’s doctrine but it’s not. Until you know what it is, you are going to stay stuck here.

➑️ Once you discover the truth, you are free to move forward and have your happy relationship. You’re going to learn about that in this article as well, so make sure you read to the end.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men. This is the #1 place for you to learn how to find, attract, and keep the happy relationship you want, deserve, and that God wants you to have.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have seen some of my other videos on bad dating advice likeΒ this oneΒ or maybe evenΒ this one.

But for now, let’s talk about the worst and most dangerous advice that you need to avoid. Let’s start by talking about faith. πŸ‘‡

How To Have A Happy Relationship

Frequently in the Bible, Jesus teaches us about faith by relating it to a seed, right?

Let’s pretend you have a seed, you take that seed, and you prepare the soil so that it’s ready for it.

You plant the seed the way it needs to be, you water it, you fertilize it, you protect it from insects or anything that could harm it, you make sure it gets enough sunlight. πŸ’‘

Can you as a human, as a mortal, make that seed grow? You can’t, right? God is the one who makes things grow, not us. But you still have to take care of it, right?

That’s one of the ways you show your faith. You say, “Okay, God, I believe you’re going to make this seed grow, but I’m going to do my part. I’m going to prepare the soil, and I’m going to water it.

Now let’s say you have another seed, and you really want this seed to grow. But you just kinda toss it into the dirt, and you don’t prepare the soil, you don’t make sure you bury it well, you don’t water it. ❌

Is the seed gonna grow? No. You can pray over that seed, and you can read your scriptures next to that seed, and you can beg God to make that seed grow, but God put laws in place, right?

You have to water the plants if you want them to grow.

It doesn’t matter how bad you want that seed to grow. If you don’t know what to do and you don’t do your part, it’s not gonna grow.Β The same is true with relationships.

The Most Dangerous Christian Dating Advice And What To Do About It

πŸ‘‰ The most dangerous Christian dating advice you are given is that “relationships just happen,” or “just wait on God,” or “God will make it happen.

Even the relationships that looked like they “just happened” have so much going on in the background that you aren’t aware of. They had to work really hard before they got their happily-ever-after.

So just like you have to show your faith by preparing the soil, watering the plant, and taking care of it, you have to show God you’re prepared for a relationship by learning what that means and how to care for it.

You show your faith in marriage by preparing for it. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

So what’s the solution then? πŸ€” If the worst piece of advice is “just wait for it to happen,” then what’s the solution?

Stop wasting time waiting and start learning how to show God you’re working to be prepared for your dream girl and take care of her.

But how do you get ready? Watch my free masterclass to discover the insider secrets that allow you to finally have your happy relationship.

These are insider secrets that no one else is sharing on the internet, and you need to know what they are.

If you are sick and tired of feeling stuck and like you have to “wait forever” and have no control over it, make sure youΒ watch that masterclass today. βœ…

Attracting Your Dream Girl Can Be Easy

So by now, you might be thinking, “Okay, Melannie, that makes sense. I understand that you have to take care of the seed. But I’m an attractive person, I’m a kind person, I’m a good person. Isn’t that all it takes?

Remember that if you don’t know how to have a good relationship, you will have a bad one. You will have to settle.

Just like God created the laws for how we grow plants, He created the laws for attraction and how we develop relationships. So until you learn those laws, you are going to stay stuck. 😬

Until you understand how to be magnetic to your dream girl, you’re not going to attract her.

This is why when you go through my program, How To Get A Girlfriend, you discover how to become magnetic to your dream girl.

It’s the complete guide and #1 resource for any man who wants to have a crazy-in-love, insanely happy, and wonderful relationship that lasts a lifetime.

➑️ The reason it works is that you understand the laws of attraction, the laws God gave us. Just understand how attraction works and use it as a tool. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

I want to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more information on bad dating advice and what to do instead? If you would, let me know in the comments.

Just comment “dating advice” and I’ll know that’s something you want in the future.

Your comments help me so much. I love your feedback, and I love hearing from you, so again, if you want more videos where I debunk bad advice, comment “dating advice” to let me know. πŸ’¬

Why Do People Give Bad Dating Advice?

Okay, so by now, you may be thinking, “Why do people give that advice if it’s so dangerous? Why does that happen?” There are 2 main reasons.

The first is, for many people, they care about you and they want to help, but they don’t know what to say.

They feel a little bit awkward, don’t know what advice to give, this isn’t what they do all day long, and they don’t know what to say. ❌

So they just say, “It’s okay, God will take care of it. Uh, just keep waiting. It’ll be fine.

This is why having a professional’s guidance is so important and why you can get your dream relationship so quickly when you understand these things.

The second reason people give this advice is, to a large extent, it did use to be that way. Relationships kind of did “just happen” back in the day.

But let’s be real. πŸ‘‰ Society has changed dramatically. The values of society have changed. The dynamics of society have changed. It’s why our divorce rate is so insanely high.

So for your grandparents, there’s a good chance it “just happened.” But I’ll let you in on a secret.

Every good relationship that “just happens” has a whole lot of elbow grease going on that you don’t know about. They are taking the time to prepare the soil and water the plants, so to speak.

Dangerous Christian Dating Advice – What’s Next?

Bottom line, the most dangerous Christian dating advice that you need to be aware of is that relationships “just happen” or to “just wait on God.”

πŸ’‘ Remember that part of faith is acting and showing God that you’re willing to do your part.

When you are ready to understand what that means so you make it happen fast and easy, make sure you watch my free masterclass.

If you don’t want to be alone and frustrated anymore, you need to know the secrets in that free training. Make sure toΒ watch it todayΒ before it’s gone.

Remember that faith will not overwrite God’s laws. So if you want to get your dream relationship, you have to do it God’s way. And that means understanding the laws of attraction.

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